Free Mp3: Download A New Season By Apostle Johnson Suleman

A new season by Apostle Johnson Suleman

A New season by Apostle Johnson Suleman audio download

A new season by Apostle Johnson Suleman

A new season by Apostle Johnson Suleman is an anointing service for the first Sunday of November in Omega Fire ministry international headquarters. There are times and seasons in the life of everyone. King Solomon understood this and wrote about different seasons and times in Ecclesiastics chapter 3.

New seasons are times of open doors and new opportunities. It is a time of when spiritual blessings in Christ becomes a reality in the life of a Christian. There are prophetic histories in the life of every believer and sometimes, it seems that some seasons are not good, this prophetic and anointing service with Apostle Johnson Suleman and Dr. Lizzy Suleman is a medium to activate something in your life.

Audio sermon: Download A New Season by Apostle Johnson Suleman

The dawn of a new season comes as a shock. There are many seasons of life opportunities that have come to the life of a believer but they lack the discernment to recognize it. Redeeming the times for the days are evil. Part of time  redemption is in the restoration of seasons.

This message by Apostle Johnson Suleman on a new season prophetically ushers one to a reality of abundance in God’s glory. Most  audio messages of Apostle Joshua Selman also speaks on the times and season in the life of believers.

God is doing a new thing in your life, it springs up and do you not know it. He is making a way for you in the desert and your time has come. Click this audio message on a new season by Apostle Johnson Suleman below.

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