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Learn Apostle Joshua Selman Biography, Net Worth And Ministry

Apostle Joshua Selman

The grace of God upon a man is a distinguishing factor for excellence and influence. Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak has been chronicled in the list of men who has impacted lives positively through the ministry God gave him. Therefore, it is considered worthy of this man’s experience profiled and be shared to the public so that it could raise passion in life of his followers.



The biography of Apostle Joshua Selman is a good and sufficient to teach many people lessons. Before I move on to write the profile of this great servant of the Lord, I want to let you that Apostle Joshua Selman is a devoted man of God and passionate to impacting his world. Though, he is a preacher of the gospel; he loves God. He believes that GOD is the maker of all, he believes in good relationship amongst people, he believes in existence of spiritual warfare, he believes in the power and fulfilment of scriptures, transformation of lives, trinity, kingdom dominion and in the power of prayer.

This article gives a summary of Apostle Joshua Selman Biography: Early Life, Educational background, wife, State of Origin, Age, Nationality, Net Worth, ministry involved and other relevant information about him. The information shared in this article are sourced from other platforms and from personal experiences which are sourced from Apostle Joshua Selman sermons. Therefore stay tuned and read carefully.



Apostle Joshua Selman is a native of Jos Plateau state located in Nigeria. He attended primary and secondary education in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.  During his secondary schools days, he became born again, through the help of God, he had a mentor whose identity is not disclosed in this article. His mentor taught him the basis of Christian growth and maturity; he was also introduced to quiet time dynamics.

Apostle Joshua Selman has repeatedly says that he was not from a wealthy family. This previous statement does not connote that he family is poor. His family status is on the average and well to do.

When he gave his life to Christ, he loved God so much. He was involved in church services and Sunday school; this really help him a lot. In your walk with God, do not down play those activities that seem small, they really matter in Christian race. Church activities like Sunday school class, bible study class, prayer meetings, church compound cleaning and youth programs, are very helpful to spiritual growth.

Apostle Joshua Selman had passion to study the bible, while other children are play are wasting useful time, he was found studying one material that will add value to his life and destiny, and also the bible, prayer was what he discovered as a big tool of life and purpose accomplishment. I tell you that what he was doing was unknowing to him of the preparation to the apostolic ministry ahead of him.




In growing up as a youth and minster of God, he had many supernatural encounters with God. These encounters defined his life purpose and destiny. In one of the Apostle Joshua Selman audio sermons, he revealed secret that after studying some great men of God, the reality of God and what God can do to them that diligently love and follow Him, he made a decision that he can be poor, die without being relevant to his generation and must stand to represent the purposes of God on Earth.


Read Now: Top 10 Things To Know About Koinonia – Eternity Network International (ENI)

Koinonia logo and sermons

The mark of a ministry is the grace of God that work in you and the amount of transformation you have impacted in lives.  Apostle Joshua Selman established KOINONIA -ETERNITY NETWORK INTERNATIONAL (ENI). This ministry was founded in the word of God and prayer. ENI has been a blessing to many people of the world through the ministry of Apostle Joshua Selman.

Eternity Network International (ENI) started in Zaria, Kaduna state in Nigeria in 2011. This was the primary place of assignment of Apostle Joshua Selman. Apostle Joshua Selman started his ministry there because of the vision he received from God about his mission to the world.  As at 2021, KOINONIA has two recognized branches now namely Abuja Koinonia and Zaria Koinonia branches. Eternity Network International is recognized to:

1) Seek and to save the lost.

2) Equip and perfect the saints by the revelation of God’s word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

3) Demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit through signs, wonders and miracles to confirm that Jesus is alive.

4) To reveal the wealth of the kingdom and finance Gods end-time agenda.


BIBLE SCHOOL: IS Koinonia School of ministry admission open?


In the early ministry of Apostle Joshua Selman in ENI, he had the school of ministry that is responsible for training of people through their callings. Today, people still ask if Koinonia School of ministry is open, yes Koinonia School of ministry is open. It was unfortunate that it was closed because of COVI-19 but in 2021, the admission to school of ministry resumed.

Learn and know how to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit here

Why should I attend Koinonia School of ministry? Koinonia School of ministry is one of the best Pentecostal theological school that is designed with well-structured syllables to train anyone unto maturity in ministry and Christian journey. Apostle Joshua Selman designed the Koinonia School of ministry learning syllables in collaboration with other pioneers of ENI. Koinonia School of ministry through relevant teaching helps to build any called minister in a holistic and methodological manner unto maturity in ministry.

One certain season, Apostle Joshua Selman add something that was amazing to the life of everyone in the teaching ministry of the Koinonia School of ministry. He designed what is called the four stages of life or quadrant of life. You can also get the audio sermon of on four stages of life by Apostle Joshua Selman here.


Who is Apostle Joshua Selman?


Apostle Joshua Selman is the pioneer of Koinonia ministry called Eternity Network International. He is a graduate of Zaria University. Apostle Joshua Selman studied and graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State; the department of Chemical Engineering.  Through Apostle Joshua Selman teachings and his knowledge about many subjects, I can say he has other degrees that relates to Human Resources. Fortunately for him, he a mentor to so many dignitaries and men of God around the world. He is an example of integrity that is why many has built trust in him financially. I believe that he is a financial consultant to many governments and establishment not just because of the anointing but knowledge. When you are diligent in the matter given to you, God presents you before the Kings.

He is passionate about ministry and make impact to lives. You must have been familiar with dominion mandate. One the assignment of Apostle Joshua Selman in ministry is to reveal the principles of making wealth and opening the eyes of men to spiritual realities in Christ. Apostle Joshua Selman loves reading books on many aspect of lives. He is a lover of knowledge.

Apostle Joshua Selman net worth

The bible says, study to show yourself approved, as work men who needs not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Apostle Joshua Selman is prepared for ministry. He once advised ministers of God to prepare themselves very well in ministry and never to be lazy. He used himself as an example, that form he to be ready for what God wants him do, he reads many subjects in the line of God’s calling such as in finance, business, politics so that he can stand and give counsel to anyone the Lord brings his way to impact on. “Preparation is the main key in subject of readiness” (Nbgospel Admin). Apostle Joshua Selman stands out in ministry today because the grace of God is upon him and he built himself in knowledge so as to stand relevant in the ministry God called him.

Today many things have changed as God is using him greatly. He has never cease praying and studying the Bible. Apostle Joshua Selman is called into apostolic ministry; he has the gifts of prophetic ministry, the gift of healing, word of knowledge, word of wisdom and gift of working of miracles (signs and wonders).





When the purpose of life is not discovered, life becomes meaningless to live (Nbgsopel Admin). Growing in ministry and age, Apostle Joshua Selman prayed many times to know his purpose in life. You can do as well. Though some people, it takes them time to receive answers from God about their life purpose, but continue waiting on God (service) and praying. God is never too late.

God answered him and revealed His purpose for him through the dream of the night. Also other times, Jesus appeared to him in his room when he heard many questions going on in his mind. He wanted to know what God is all about and He appeared to Him that very day in white glorious manner, he could not stand His glory but with what he saw with his heart, he understood that God is LOVE. This encounter answered his question.

The earlier part of this article stated that Apostle Joshua Selman had many encounters with God; in one of those encounters, he saw in a vision of the night a crowd of people crying without hope and direction, he was amongst their midst, the specular thing was that in that vision he saw himself as the person who has the solution to the problem of the people, it seemed that he could comfort them and solve the problem, he had compassion over them.

After this vision, he got an inner witness that God has sent him on messages. This may not be your case, everyone has a specular way God calls them, you may have similar dream that does not mean you have been called to ministry.  After the vision that Apostle Joshua Selman, he prayed and waited on God for confirmation.

Apostle Joshua Selman prayed so much during the days he was not known. He received many impartation of graces from different men of God and he prayed those graces to manifestation. I know his appearance to the body of Christ was shocking because no one could trace his history. God knows how to preserve His own unto the day of manifestation. When he sensed the call of God in his life, he started university evangelism and receiving invitation to preach on campus fellowships in Nigeria and churches. As he grow in ministry, he founded Eternity Network International in Zaria, Kaduna State in March 2011.



How old is Apostle Joshua Selman? He was born on the 25th of June, 1980. No one is without origin and covering. Apostle Joshua Selman in some of his teaching said about his spiritual covering and mentorship. In the case of Apostle Joshua Selman spiritual father, no one actually know the exact person. He seems to have mentors in different areas of life and regards anyone or great man he finds worthy as his father in the Lord. But I have heard him say in his sermon that his mentor was Late Dr Myles Munroe, Benny Hinn, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, T. L. Osbourne, Reinhard Bonnke, etc. some of them listed were through books while others are in physical contact.



The true net worth of this man of God can be quite hard to calculate, this is because asides assets and ministration earnings, there may be other hidden people that may feel blessed with the teachings of the man of God and end up gifting his fortunes.

With that said as of 2020 Apostle Joshua Selman net worth is estimated to be $460,000 per annum. He has an established ministry one of the influential and wealthy pastors in Nigeria.

Apostle Joshua Selman


Some of the quotes by Apostles Joshua Selman are as follows:

  • “The price for all of God is all of you.”
  • “Decisions decides destiny.”
  • “It is risky to help one who has not yet decided on what to do”
  • You cannot be celebrated for the same thing twice.



To invite Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak to a conference or meeting is not hard. Apostle Joshua Selman does not charge you for coming to a program; this does not mean that you should not honour him graciously. A labourer deserves his wages. If you want to invite Apostle Joshua Selman to conference program, you have to call Koinonia public relations office number and discuss with them on how to schedule a date ahead of the program meeting.

You can contact Koinonia public relations office with the number   +2348147214444 and +2347087777765


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