The Process Birthing of Glory by Apostle Selman

Audio Mp3: Download Light And Dominion By Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Audio Mp3: Light And Dominion By Apostle Joshua Selman

The mysteries of God are reveal in light which brings understanding. God is being that dwells in light.  That which expel darkness is light, so those who take hold of the light are champions in the spiritual realm. understanding is the key to revelations.

Everything remains dark to you until light is manifested. the envoys of light reveal the true potential of your spiritual realities in GOD. When you have access to understanding, you will have dominion and influence over your revelations.

The man with light has more understanding than others. Also, the man with dominion has more authority than others. Now have a combination of this two mandate is way of fulfilling your earthly mission.  There are may more to hear, please click on the link below to listen…

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