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List of WHAT Acrredited Bible Colleges and Seminary for both Online and Offline Theology Education

Bible colleges are not lacking in this generation. There are lots of bible seminary both online and offline you can attend which are approved. I know you have searched to know a true bible believing college that could satisfy your quest, there is no need to worry, on our page lots of online bible college and also offline bible school you can attend and obtain your degree. Do not lose heart about going to bible school to be trained, foundation is the root all great investment.

Bible theological colleges are designed to train and equip people who have received the call of God upon their lives. Therefore, there is need for adequate training so as to grasp the full scope of ministry. Although, theological training experience and theology courses are different from practical ministry in itself.  Bible theological colleges run like normal universities, they have course to offer each semester, some administrative courses are also learnt, only that it is done in the light of ministry or church.

Therefore, if you have noticed or believed that God has called you to ministry and you want to know how to administer and fulfill your call, you need to enroll in a bible theological college. Also having a spiritual father, mentor or disciple will is good too but does not take the place of bible training.  In bible school, your gift can be nurtured and developed. You should attend a bible school for proper equipping in ministry. Also, apart from bible training you will receive, you also stand a chance to gain spiritual covering from the institution you studied.

There are also, opportunities for you to be a pastor or fulfill your call in any of the ministry. The truth of the matter is that no church will trust you with a church or congregation when you have not pass through any training. Though sometimes, you can be employed as assistant pastor but you must undergo training in any bible institute. There are several theological bible colleges in Nigeria, the list below contains few amongst the many.


Bible College near me- Online bible colleges and universities

Sometimes, due to schedules, it becomes difficult to attend theology schools and universities offline; so where can you earn a degree in theology becomes a question. Feel free, this platform gives you legit online bible school for you to enrol and attend. The following theology schools and seminary have received accreditation and also offer both offline and online theology courses.

There are many bible college near me or you, these are bible seminaries that you can attend online at the comfort of your home. Do you wish to study or attend online bible school, cheers, the following local and international online bible school and universities are available.


Wheaton University 

Wheaton university is one the bible colleges that is bases on evangelical training of students for the work of the ministry. There are several reasons to apply at Wheaton University to be trained for work of the ministry. They are highly ranked and they teach the way of Christ and His kingdom.

To apply Wheaton admission and to know more Wheaton university, click here to check


California Baptist University 

California Baptist University is one of the online leading colleges that offer degrees in theology. They offer several courses including postgraduate and bachelor’s degrees in Christian studies.


Biola university tuition 

Biola University was founded since 1908 and has received Accreditation College for theological studies since 1961. She is ranked as one of the top Christian university in southern California. They offer degree course in Christian studies and spiritual development that will equip you for ministry. Biola university tuition fees grouped according to the program of you want to study such as international students, undergraduate student, graduate student and English language students Biola University tuition for theology courses for both master and doctor of philosophy is within 750 -1240 dollars. You can visit their website for confirmation.


Calvary chapel bible college 

Calvary chapel bible college is founded to train it’s student to know Christ and equip them for the work of the ministry. They offer fully online education in theology. You can apply and be trained for the work of the ministry.


Lancaster Bible College- capital seminary and graduate school 

Lancaster Bible College is a capital seminary and graduate school in theology. They give equal opportunities to students that apply. They are fully committed to teaching you the bible, practical ministry and the way of Christ. They are highly recognized and accredited for bible courses.


Nazarene Bible College for online Christian education 

Nazarene Bible College is an online Christian education institute that has been accredited by Higher Learning Commission. It was founded in 1967. They are also recognized and accredited by Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). It has also received approval from the United state Department of Education.

Nazarene Bible College is founded to prepare students for ministry. They train students who will minister, evangelize and disciple to nations the gospel of Christ.


Appalachian Bible College 

Appalachian Bible College (ABC) is an accredited online bible school. They offer both graduate and undergraduate program in theology.  Their degree program include associate, bachelor and master’s degree. ABC believes that life existed is for service.  Appalachian Bible College trains student on quality biblical and theological courses that will help them fulfill ministry. They also see that students are developed into Christ-like character while in school and ministry.

Montana Bible College 

Montana Bible College offers both offline and online bible course to students of theology. They desire to equipped students with the knowledge of the bible and to become followers of Christ who are passionate for Him. They ensure and desire that student apply all the transformational teachings and works that they have learnt into practice in ministry.

Montana Bible College is located at 20 cornerstone way Bozerman, MT 597718 and their address line is (406)5863585.


Other online bible school where you can earn degree in theology includes the following:

  1. All nations biblical study center
  2. Free grace Bible College
  3. Emmaus Bible College
  4. Faith: a regular accredited bible school
  5. South Florida Bible College and theological seminary
  6. Baptist Bible College

bible school

List of Accredited Bible Theological Colleges, Seminary and institute in Nigeria

  1. Koinonia School of ministry
  2. Remnant Christian Network- Adullam Bible School
  3. International School Of Ministry by Christ Embassy
  4. Omega Bible Institute worldwide
  5. The Redeemed Christian Bible College (RCBC)
  6. All Nations For Christ Bible Institute INT. (ANFCBII) by Bishop Idahosa (1968)
  7. Assemblies of God Bible College Uyo is a Diploma/Degree Awarding institution
  8. Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) – Winners’ Chapel
  9. International Bible Training College – Deeper Christian Life ()
  10. The William Wheatley Theological College (WWTC), Azuiyi Oloko (1996)
  11. Gateway church bible school by Pastor Robert Morris,
  12. World Bible School was Jimmie Lovell (1896-1984)
  13. Gospel Apostolic Church Bible College
  14. Baptist College of Theology.
  15. Institute for Christian Works Bible College and Seminary.
  16. Christ Life Academy
  17. Rhema Bible Training Institute
  18. International Bible College of Ministries
  19. Galilee Bible College And Seminary
  20. Mount Olives Ministerial Bible Institute (MOMBI)
  21. Kadosh Theological Institute


List Of Bible Theological Colleges and Seminary – Bible institutes in Nigeria  


  • Koinonia School of Ministry

Koinonia School of ministry is a training arm of Eternity Network International (ENI). The pioneer ENI is Apostle Joshua Selman. The school has two branches which are located in Abuja and Zaria. They give full training courses in theology and ministry.

Koinonia School of ministry has graduated many students with better understanding of God and ministry operations which has cause them to excel in ministry. Koinonia bible school of ministry is best for you to learn and get yourself equip for ministry.  You can download Apostle Joshua Selman audio messages here.


  • Remnant Christian Network- (RCN) Adullam Bible School


Adullam Bible School is an approved bible college or institute that trained students on core basis of ministry. Adullam Bible School is pioneered by Apostle Arome Osayi. Adullam Bible School is an arm of Remnant Christian Network (RCN) and it is located at Markudi in Benue state.  Apostle Michael Orokpo was one the graduates of RCN Adullam Bible School in 2014.

Adullam Bible School or college theology is designed to train and graduate student in four to six months of admission. This academy is fill with intense lectures and practical. As the name sounds, it is a place where weak men are trained to become like the mighty men of David; who will be equipped to witness Christ to nations, carrying the power of the gospel and the gospel of the kingdom to the unreached.

Reverend Gideon Odoma is one the teachers in the school. It is home for bible study and an apostolic teachings. Admission always comes lately October and June every year. To register, click here.  Download Apostle Arome Osayi audio messages here.


  • International School Of Ministry by Christ Embassy

International school of ministry is a bible institute that trains pastors for ministry. This institute was founded by Believers Loveword formerly known as Christ Embassy church. Here you will be taught the bible and build you up in faith and Christian maturity for ministry. They also offer both regular and part time courses in theology. The general Overseer is a television evangelist known as Pastor Chris Oyakhilomie.


  • Omega Bible Institute worldwide

Omega Bible Institute worldwide is a bible college that is owned and managed by Omega Fire Ministry International. This bible institute is has great reputation because of the quality breed of pastors that are graduated annually. They run both part time and full time theological courses. They have good theological course curriculum and many pastors and teachers have been graduated from Omega Bible Institute worldwide.  This institute is overseen under the care of Apostle (Prof). Johnson Suleman and Rev. Dr. Lizzy Suleman.  Download Apostle Johnson Suleman audio messages here.


  • Redeemed Christian Bible College (RCBC)

Redeemed Christian Bible College is managed by the Redeemed Christian Church of God. This bible institute was established to equip pastors especially those of the same denomination and others who are called of God. The institute is aimed at raising and training students to become effective and productive leaders in ministry through their designed program.

They also set to see that the students received quality spiritual and theological teachings that will help them succeed in ministry. They offer the following

6 months, full time Post Graduate Diploma in theology and diploma in theology

12 months part time Fulltime post graduate in theology, diploma in theology and certificate in theology with others.


  • All Nations For Christ Bible Institute INT. (ANFCBII) by Bishop Idahosa (1968)

ANFCBII is an acronym for All Nations for Christ Bible Institute International. It was founded in 1968 by Late Bishop Benson Idahosa. This is one the oldest bible colleges in Nigeria. ANFCBII is a bible theological seminary is under the administration of church of God mission.

Many Nigerian and foreign Pastors graduated from this academy. This bible institute was established to trained and equip pastors from all around the globe that will carry the gospel of the kingdom of God to many other nations.


  • Assemblies of God Bible College

Assemblies of God Bible College is a Diploma and Degree Awarding bible institution. For your information, Assemblies of God church was not founded by anyone but a collective efforts of many ministers of God. Assemblies of God Bible College is one the renowned and oldest bible institute in Nigeria. They offer both full and part time courses.

Assemblies of God Bible College has qualified lecturers who knows their onion in theology courses. They have branches in different locations such as Oyo state Nigeria.  You can apply and be assured that learning and ministry experience will be amongst the best.


  • Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) – Winners’ Chapel

Word of Faith Bible Institute was established and founded by winner’s chapel church or living faith church. It is not a news that all institutions founded by Living faith church are of standard quality. In Word of Faith Bible Institute, you will be trained in biblical theology and be equipped for ministry.

This institution is overseen under the chairmanship of Bishop David Oyedepo. Graduating from this institute, you will fully grasped the biblical faith and principles that will make your ministry solid. It has a motto tagged: Raising Men for Exploits. It was established to raise people for uncommon results for the kingdom of God. They offer the following programs: Basic Certificate Course (BCC). Leadership Certificate Course (LCC) and Leadership Diploma Course (LDC).


  • International Bible Training College – Deeper Christian Life

Pastor W.F Kumuyi was a mathematics lecturer who was turned to preacher of the gospel by God. He is a ground defender of faith. International Bible Training College is administered by the Deeper Life Church. The institute was founded to raise pastors with integrity and leadership capacity. They aimed at raising pastors who will stand in holiness and righteousness and preach Christ Jesus to the nations.  You can download Pastor W.F Kumuyi audio sermons here.


  • William Wheatley Theological College (WWTC)

The William Wheatley Theological College (WWTC) is located at Azuiyi Oloko in Oloko. The college was founded in 1996 by William Wheatley. He was a missionary to the United Evangelical Church (UEC) formerly known as Qua Ibeo Church. Many fire brand ministers of God have been raised for God through this college and they are still raising more.  They teach the doctrines of Christ as seen in the scriptures. The offer both degree (four year in duration) and diploma (two years in duration). To register, you have to pick your registration form at the school admission board.


  • Gateway church bible school

Gateway church bible school was founded by Pastor Robert Morris in 2000 as the led pastor. Gateway church bible school trains pastors and related candidates who are interested in theological studies through the study of the scripture. They help you know the truth.


  • World Bible SchoolJimmie Lovell (1896-1984)

World Bible School was established or founded by Jimmie Lovell. He is late and lived within 1896 to 1984. This bible institute was established on international standard, it was also founded to train men of God from different parts of the world through the basic truth of the Bible.


  • Baptist College of Theology.

Baptist College of Theology is a training institute founded by the Baptist Church. They have several branches such as Lagos state, Imo state and other states in Nigeria. Baptist church with its bible college is amongst the renowned organizations in Nigeria. You can also apply and be trained by them.


  • Rhema Bible Training Institute

Rhema Bible Training Institute main branch is in USA. The principal founder is Kenneth Hagin and the institute has branches worldwide. Pastor Kenneth Hagin was a television evangelist and teaches majorly on faith and the rest of biblical doctrine.

Rhema Bible Training Institute was established in Nigeria in 2010 by Rev. Matthew and Julie Beener. This bible institute is located in Abuja. This bible training institute is a satellite branch for Rhema Bible Training Institute in USA pioneered by Pastor Kenneth E. Hagin.

Others includes the following:

  1. Institute for Christian Works Bible College and Seminary.
  2. Gospel Apostolic Church Bible College
  3. Christ Life Academy
  4. International Bible College of Ministries
  5. Galilee Bible College and Seminary
  6. Mount Olives Ministerial Bible Institute (MOMBI)
  7. Kadosh Theological Institute

List of Theology Courses offered in bible schools  


Theology courses are designed based on the system of theological institutions or bible colleges. They tend to design their curriculum base on the core points or values of their. Every ministry that runs a bible school trains its students on the line or focus of the church doctrines and beliefs.

I need to tell you also that, there are basic theological courses that are the same with other institutions. Though base on church peculiarity, they some added courses so as to achieve their ministry goals, aim and objectives. The courses below are basic and fundamental theology courses that every bible colleges offer in similarities.

  1. Church administration
  2. Pastoral ethics
  3. The life of Jesus
  4. Homiletics and Hermeneutics
  5. Missiology
  6. Biblical doctrine
  7. Old and New Testament survey or studies
  8. Introduction to ministry
  9. Communication skill
  10. Biblical doctrine
  11. Evangelism and discipleship
  12. Dynamics of church growth
  13. Ecclesiology
  14. Information Communication Technology (ICT) Education
  15. Languages: Judaism, Greek and Hebrew
  16. Practical ministry
  17. Faith
  18. Charismatic truth and movement
  19. Christian education
  20. Demonology
  21. Church history
  22. Christian Leadership
  23. Apologetics
  24. The gospels and Epistles
  25. The church in Africa context (culture and tradition)
  26. Pneumatology


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