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Learn Biblical Christian Leadership Qualities And Development Here

What Is Christian Leadership development, aim and objectives?

Christian leadership is act of leading people in Christian setting by influencing their lives with the life of Christ. The word “Christian” is translated from the Greek word “Christianos” which means Christ-like. Therefore, the word Christian is called “Christ-like” living which means Christ-life. In Christian leadership, Christ-life or Christ-like behavior or living is the end product.

A leader is one who has the ability and authority to influence set of people towards achieving a particular goal. A Christian leader is one who has the ability to lead a set of people and influencing them with Christ-like nature or life in order to achieve a set goal.  Christian leadership must not necessarily be on Christian setting but secular. There are Christian leaders leading in different systems of the world and they are making impact and transforming live.

Biblical Christian leadership is leading and influencing people according the basis or guidance of the scriptural principles. The bible is the manual of operation for every Christian leadership. Generally, leadership principles and guidance are derived from scriptures (in both secular and Christian fold).

Christian leadership is aimed at influencing the lives of people to living the very life and ways of God. The objectives of Christian leadership are as follows:

  1. Christ-like formation in character
  2. Godly behavior
  3. To lead people to their respective purpose and destiny in accordance to God’s plans.
  4. Christian maturity
 Bible verses about Christian leadership in the church

Some of the Bible verses about leadership are not found in the scriptures. Some of them are leadership stories and the lesson of such stories has great deal on leadership.

Old Testament: Genesis 40: 37-49, Deuteronomy 1: 9-18, Joshua 1:8-9, Daniel 1: 15-17…

New Testament: Luke 12: 35-48, Act 6: 1-7,Romans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 4:12-16, 1 Timothy 3:8-13…

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Biblical leadership principles and qualities (Jesus’ leadership principles) – What are the principles of leadership?

The principles of leadership are too numerous to mention. In Christian leadership, leader’s authority is not an autocratic form; it is a collective pursuit in order to achieve a common goal or service. The leadership lifestyle of the Gentile nation is lordship. The people are forced to live a life and do activities that they do not like. The people obey certain rules because of the wicked nature of the Gentile nation.  This form of leadership is not the pattern of biblical Christian leadership. Biblical leadership principles are defined from the basis of Christian virtues or core values systems. Do not be surprise, if you notice that some these principles are also part of the qualities of a good leadership.  Accord to 1 Peter 5:3, leaders are not to lord it over the lead but must be an example to them.

  1. Love
  2. Understanding
  3. Integrity and accountability
  4. Compassion
  5. Firmness
  6. Discipline
  7. Boldness
  8. Communication
  9. Team work
  10. Faith
  11. Knowledge and wisdom
  12. Skills
  13. Diligence and consistency
  14. Sound teaching
  15. Watchfulness
  16. Submission
  17. Forgiveness
  18. Peace and tolerance
  19. Humility
  20. Focus and productivity
  21. Justices and equity
  22. Reachability and teachable

Some of these principles listed above are subset of the other; the detail explanation of the leadership principles are found below.

Discipline: one of the qualities of good leadership is discipline. Discipline is the act of self-control or beating your body to dance to your choice. Anyone who is not disciplined cannot achieve anything.


Church leadership roles and responsibilities – (What is the role of church leadership?)

There are various units in the Church, each of these units have responsibilities. Although, the units differ from churches activities and administration.  The responsibilities of church units is dependent on the scope of the church activities too. But, we will do justice to stating the few job descriptions of these units.

  1. Follow-up leader
  2. Discipleship cell unit leader
  3. Evangelism unit
  4. Prayer unit
  5. Choir
  6. Administrative unit
  7. Ushering unit
  8. Protocol unit
  9. Bible study and Sunday school unit
  10. Welfare unit

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12 Qualifications for church leadership – (what are the qualities of a church leader in the bible)

Upon the selection of the Apostle in the book of Acts when the need to serve table arose, there are certain qualities the looked out for. Apostle Paul also, gave some leadership qualities for the installment of a deacon and church leaders (1 Timothy 3:8-13). Some of these qualities are:

  1. Good reputation (integrity and unquestionable character)
  2. Full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom
  3. Man of one wife (for a deacon)
  4. Not greedy for money
  5. Eagerness to serve
  6. Must be reverent
  7. must not double-tongued
  8. has knowledge of the faith
  9. must be temperate
  10. he must be faithful in doing things
  11. He must know how to govern his own home
  12. He must have pure conscience

Who are the examples of Godly leaders in the bible?

There are many leaders in the Bible. Some of them are found in the Old Testament while some are in New Testament. These people lead according to the instructions and will of God. The following below are the list of godly leaders in the Bible.

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. Moses
  3. Joshua
  4. King David
  5. Apostle peter

What are the Importance of church leadership? Biblical Christian leadership is of great importance to the church system. One the importance of good church leadership is in the aspect of church growth and maturity in faith. Good church leadership is a tool for kingdom expansion.

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