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Free Mp3: Download Biblical Courtship And Marriage By Pastor David Ogbueli

Courtship And Marriage message by Pastor David Ogbueli mp3 download


Courtship And Marriage is an important aspect of life decisions that one makes. Amongst many decisions available to one, there are six aspect of life that one should be considered and make decisions on. They are choice of life partner, the God to serve, lifestyle to live, friendships to keep career path to follow and health.  Download an audio message on choosing life by Apostle Joshua Selman down below.


Couples are having many challenges today in the aspect of courtship and marriage because of many loop holes that are being neglected. Marriage if not done biblically will lose its texture in the process. As a Christian, biblical views must be held unto. It is biblically stated that marriage must be done with bed undefiled. Many people are found guilty in this.


Download Pastor David Ogbueli message on Courtship And Marriage


There are many courtship and marriage even seminar that are available online, even this one is amongst. Some are paid while some are free. It is also not a news that many people are not engaged in biblical courtship and marriage and it will be necessary that people understand this perspective correctly.

Pastor David Ogbueli, the general Overseer of Dominion city church is an experienced man of God in this aspect he ensures that godly standards are upheld by Christian and others too. There are many message of Pastor David Ogbueli on our page which are for free.

There are many things from this audio sermon on courtship and marriage by Pastor David Ogbueli, click below to start downloading in a second.


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