Amazing: Biography of David Yonggi Cho, Ministry and Net worth

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1)      Biography of David Yonggi Cho
2)      Pastor David Yonggi Cho Ministry and Church Growth System
3)      Pastor David Yonggi Cho list of Books
4)      Pastor David Yonggi Cho Net Worth


David Yonggi Cho is one the men of God who has made great impact in people’s lives. Yonggi Cho as popularly known by people is a simple, great and wise man who stands out to impact his generation with the goodness of Jesus Christ and good conduct. Some people know him as Pastor David Yonggi Cho because of his pastoral call. Bishop David Yonggi Cho has passed through many things in life and therefore can be termed as a man of experience in ministry.

David Yonggi Cho

Pastor Yonggi Cho has passed through criticisms and allegations, this article is not written to focus on the wrong aspect of his life as a man but on the relevant impact made through him by God. The article captures stories or biography of David Yonggi Cho that will add value to your life, challenge to seeing the positivism of life, making impact to life and loving God more. Therefore, take your time and read through this article. Finally, the information on this page is not from my personal knowledge of him but from other platforms which is seen to add value to life.


BIOGRAPHY: Early and personal life of David Yonggi Cho


Pastor (Dr.) David Yonggi Cho was born 14 February, 1936 at Uiju-gu, Ulsan, in South Korea. Considering the date of birth of Yonggi Cho, he is 85 years at the 2021. He was born into the family of Mr. David. Yonggi Cho was initially raised at Buddhist and later converted to Christianity at his tender age (17 years).  Yonggi Cho has five brothers and four sisters. The name of Yonggi Cho’s wife is Kim Sung Hae. The family is living in happiness and God bless them with children.

The early life of Yonggi Cho was somehow sympathetic, he attended a non-expensive technical high school where he learned trade. He could not afford the tuition fee because his father’s business failed. Cho had a soldier friend during his early life whom he learnt English language. This means that Yonggi Cho had challenge speaking English in his early days; but this day, the story has changed because a man gave himself to self-development.

David Yonggi Cho academic life was a challenging and miraculous one. Yonggi Cho attended Kookmin University and graduated in the year 1968 as his first degree. In 1956, Yonggi Cho received a scholarship to study theology at Full Gospel Bible College in Seoul. While there, he met Choi Ja-Shil, who became his mother in-law.  Cho graduated from Full Gospel Bible College in 1958.


Pastor David Yonggi Cho Ministry and Church Growth System

David Yonggi Cho Church

Pastor David Yonggi Cho is the founder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church; which is the world’s largest Pentecostal church in South Africa. Pastor David Yonggi Cho was founded in Seoul, Korea, on May 15, 1958. He started the Church with four members as house fellowship. It was through the experience of cell group that God inspired him to learning Church growth. Cho has established many institutions of learning both on Church growth system and teaching ministry. The institution he founded are Elim Welfare Town (January 1986) and Hansei University (March, 1986). These institution of learning established by Cho are for training for both academic and spiritual purposes.


The ministry of Pastor David Yonggi Cho is a surprise to everyone when it comes to the aspect of church growth. Many churches and ministries have learnt this secret of church growth from him. The bible reveals that the secret things belongs to the Lord but the things revealed belongs to the sons of God. This happened in the case of David Cho.

Today people ask: what is the biggest church in South Korea and in the World? The secret of Church growth as discovered by Pastor David Yonggi Cho is CELL GROUP. This is great discovery for churches as Bishop David Oyedepo read Pastor David Yonggi Cho’s book on church growth and discovered that the secret lies in cell group. It is not news to tell you that many men of God has applied the same formula and it worked because the word of God is standard and cannot fail in application.

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Cell group is a unit cell that is known as home fellowship or cell which is made up to five to seven people per unit cell. The multiplication of cell group by Yonggi Cho is in consistent fellowship amongst the cell groups; also, their ability to invite others and disciple them in the word of God.  The bible says in the book of Acts that the Christian community continued in the apostle’s teaching, prayer and fellowship daily.

Pastor David Yonggi Cho has the largest Church in the world and in South Africa. The record of 2007, showed that David Yonggi Cho had 830,000 church members. This tells you that the church capacity of Pastor David Yonggi Cho is more than one Million. The current data shows that Pastor David Yonggi Cho members has exceeded one Million. He has more than 25,000 Choir members and 80,000 Ushers. This is a tremendous or great grace work. Pastor David Yonggi Cho is more than 60 years in ministry.


Pastor David Yonggi Cho list of Books

 Pastor Yonggi Cho has written many Christian books which are best-selling worldwide. This page contains some of Pastor David Yoggi Cho’s books and you can also download his books for free.

Pastor David Yonggi Cho book on discipleship, prayer and Church growth are very special and many are buying to learn the secret of church growth by Pastor David Yonggi Cho.


Net Worth: what is Pastor David Yonggi Cho net worth 2021 -2022

The true net worth of a man is uncertain. Apostle Suleman once said that, if the wealth of man can be measured, then it means that he worth nothing. The true wealth and net worth of a man is the relevant impact he made on people’s lives. The sources of income of Pastor Yonggi Cho is many such as ministerial gifts from those who God blessed through him, personal income from business and other sources of income that cannot be listed here.  There are people whom their asset is not disclosed to the public due to some reasons but this does not mean that their net worth is not much when compared with other people.

Having stated the above Pastor Yonggi Cho net worth is estimated to be $20 Million. This estimate is considered from his influence and alms shared to him and the capacity of the Church he is pastoring.

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