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How To Write A Business Plan Template

A business plan template is a skeletal framework of a business plan. A business plan serves as a road map to guide you develop and building a business. The business plan template is used in both start-up businesses and growing businesses. Although it takes time to develop, careful observations must be made to plan well. A business plan gives a full description of the business in such a way that an investor can easily invest. 

A well-written business plan template for start-up businesses and big organizations convinces investors, partners and lenders to finance your business. It can go as far as persuading employees to work with and build with you. 

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A well-written business plan should be able to communicate to anyone the future and objectives of your business. It should also be open and flexible to adjust for further improvement. 

Features Found In Business Plan template 

  1. Company bio-data or description
  2. Executive summary 
  3. Company product and services
  4. Problem and solution 
  5. Business process 
  6. Marketing opportunity 
  7. Business or market analysis and plan 
  8. Your needs 
  9. Financial plans  
  10. Contingency plan

Business Plan Template For Start-up Businesses and Organizations

Company description: This includes business name, mission statement, company vision, goals and objectives, target market, competitors, legal structures and ownership. 

Problem and solution: Describe an overview of your business, highlighting the following- how you came up with this business idea. What problem you are trying to solve. 

Business process: this includes features and functionalities, pricing and profitability. 

Market opportunity: this includes target audience, and marketing plan. 

Business analysis: this is in form of feasibility studies which include- SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats). 


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The business plan document below was developed by Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF). It stated the business summary document for business starters and also other business owners.  You can download THE TEF BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE Summary.docx,


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