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Channels Of Divine Direction

Channels of divine direction are ways or medium through which Christians can receive knowledge from God. God speaks always and there are many ways or channels that He communicates through. Pastor Paul Enenche explained several channels of divine direction.

There are several medium that God speak to His children in time past, such as the law and the prophets. God in time past spoke through the prophets but in this last days, He speaks expressly through His Spirit in our heart. The major channel to receive counsel from God is through His Spirit.  Although Pastor Paul Enenche explained other channels which includes His servants, the bible, visions of the night, dreams and through people.


Channels Of Divine Direction By Pastor Paul Enenche Mp3 Download


In seeking for divine direction from God, you need to have a working relationship with the Holy Spirit and be sensitive to His instructions. Sometimes, you need to wait on Him in prayer and fasting so that you spirit man can be humbled to receive instructions.

Pastor Paul Enenche exhaustively discussed this subject in this audio sermon.  On this page is the link to download other messages of Pastor Paul Enenche on divine direction. Click the download link below to start downloading this audio message by Pastor Paul Enenche.


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