All Mp3 Series: Download Commanding Salvation Over Territories By Apostle Joshua Selman


Download Commanding Salvation Over Territories by Apostle Joshua Selman (Part one & two)

Commanding Salvation Over Territories by Apostle Joshua Selman

Commanding salvation over territories is real and possible. It is a witness to mighty works in Christ.  This message by Apostle Joshua Selman revealed many things. It is not just individuals that needs salvation, cites and territories do. The city of Nineveh was taken by God when Jonah proclaimed the gospel of the Lord.

Thy will be done on earth as it in heaven. There are territories that are in bondage with the works of darkness, sexual immoralities, drunkenness, and many other amoral things. They need salvation that is just beyond personal encounter with God.

Such territories that are in bondage was because the prince of the air veiled their hearts so that they will not see the light of the gospel. Therefore, they need the power of the gospel which brings salvation by removing the veil over their heart and presenting the savoir Jesus Christ. Territories need to be won for Christ in this dispensation.

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There is too much decadence in the society and the only cure is the salvation of Christ. The fear of the Lord has ceased in many places, even amongst the youth. This is an emphasis of outreach. The message of the cross and the salvation of the Lord need to be preached all over again.

Apostle Joshua Selman spoke powerfully in this message. The message has series or parts and they are all available. Do you want to know how to command territories for Jesus? Prayer, evangelisms, discipleship, ministering the right word of God and many others are the key.  Click to download the message below by Apostle Joshua Selman.


Download Part one

Download Part two

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