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Koinonia Audio Message: Commanding The Supernatural part one and part two By Apostle Joshua Selman Download


Commanding the supernatural by Apostle Joshua Selman revealed several secrets of performing the supernatural. We are in the days of His power and the bible declares that in the days of His power, His people shall be willing.

The supernatural can be accessed through the basis of faith. This is the key fundamental truth about operations of in the supernatural realm.  The realm of the supernatural is the frame of existence beyond the natural.

It is the realm or sphere of existence that is imaginable but real. This is because, the activities in this realm of reference controls the activities of the mortal realm. The supernatural realm can be called the spiritual realm.


Download Commanding the Supernatural by Apostle Joshua Selman


This audio on commanding the supernatural by Apostle Joshua Selman is ready for download here. There are basic principles to be applied if you desire to command the supernatural to work in your faith. the bible says that all that pertain to our godliness has been granted by His divine power, therefore, we must believe in the reality of His divine power.

Prayer is an activity that Christians use to do business in the supernatural on the basis of faith. There are several things taught by Apostle Joshua Selman in the audio commanding the supernatural that you need to listen. Click below to download now for free.

DOWNLOAD PART ONE (42.10mb)- dynamics of faith

DOWNLOAD PART TWO (40.90mb)- engaging the anointing


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