Commanding the supernatural by Apostle Joshua Selman

Abuja Koinonia Sunday teaching by Apostle Joshua Selman- Commanding the supernatural mp3

Commanding the supernatural was a Koinonia Sunday service sermon by Apostle Joshua Selman. Many people have desired to command supernatural but has not paid the price in the spirit. You can download the following sermons:

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For you to command the supernatural, you must have the authority and power to exercise such a power. The supernatural realm is an open vast land and the language of communication is authority and power. If you desire to command the supernatural, the basic principles are built from the scriptures. It is the Lord who gives power and authority.

Audio download of Commanding the supernatural by Apostle Joshua Selman

Commanding the supernatural by Apostle Joshua Selman was a powerful sermon that service. There were many healings and prayer. Apostle Joshua Selman in this teaching revealed the principles of commanding supernatural realm.

The supernatural realm is vast and open, people are affected or possessed when their mode of entry is not proper. I you need to know that we are in the season of power and commanding the supernatural is prevalent. You can call forth things into existence through faith. So, also, you can command unclean spirit to evacuate the life of people.

How do we command the supernatural? Faith in God is an instrument to commanding the supernatural. Apostle Joshua Selman explained many things in this audio sermon. Do you want to learn what it entails to commanding the supernatural? Click the download bottom below.

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