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Mp3 Sermon: Download Dealing with Stagnation by Apostle Johnson Suleman

Stagnation is a sign of lack of improvement or progress. The Lord told Moses that they have dwelt so much on the mountain during the exodus. There are people who seems to be moving ahead of others, there are those who are busy but no progress and there are those who are idle at a place despite the ideals they have.

Stagnation must be dealt with if not if you will be running a circle without achieving any life goal. You need to know that nothing happens on Earth without the agency of the spirit. Some people are experiencing not because they want but because of the involvement of spirit.  This is to tell you that not just happen without a course.

Apostle Johnson Suleman, revealed many reason why people are stagnated at a place for long. There are people who have stagnated for long by others, there are ways to deal with or get yourself out of stagnation experience.

This audio sermon of Apostle Johnson Suleman on Dealing with Stagnation should not be downplay this season. There are form so stagnation such as delay in marriage, stagnation career and many theirs. The mountains of stagnation must be dealt in your life.  Therefore, click the download link to start downloading the audio message.

Download part one here

download part two here

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