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Defining excellence is the proceeding sermon of Pastor Paul Enenche after his teaching on the God of excellence. It seems that his message or centre sermon topic of emphasis is on excellence for the month of October. It is of great joy because Christians need to be taught on the excellence as virtue and also as a product of hard work and diligence.

Excellence has been defined by many people because of how they perceive life. Sometimes those definitions are right while some are out of biblical context. In this sermon, defining excellence by Pastor Paul Enenche, he explicitly gave the definition of excellence and other things that proceeds as a result of excellence.

According to Pastor Paul Enenche, the objective of the sermon were as follows: to understand the necessity of excellence, understanding the meaning of excellence and understanding the department of excellence. Excellence is the quality of outstanding or extremely good.


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According to Pastor Paul Enenche, excellence is the top most priority of Christians. He discussed the topic from Daniel 4. Excellence is a matter of inheritance and being at the top of sphere with the light of God spreading abroad. Excellence could be seen in your field of study and your sphere to influence. Check out this audio.

Excellence is a channel of worship and glory for the King of kings. This definition came from the excellence King Solomon when queen Sheba visited him. Excellence is a tool for the command of audience in evangelism.


Defining excellence by Pastor Paul Enenche was rich and blessing filled. If you wish to download this sermon of Pastor Paul Enenche on defining excellence, click on the download bottom. There were other things such as prayer and healing. You do not need to miss this audio sermon on defining excellence by Pastor Paul Enenche


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