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Destined For The Top


Destined For The Top (part 1&2) mp3 By Pastor Dr Paul Enenche

Destined for the top is a reality that was achieved in Christ. Everyone is designed for greatness, although, everyone does not end up be great in life. The Bible will give reason that time and chance happens to them all.

The Destiny of everyone in Christ is to be at the top. The Bible said you shall be at the top and not bottom with conditions attached. Pastor Paul Enenche, in this audio sermons: destined for the top part one and two, explained a lot of things that revealed our destines in Christ.


Click on the links below to download Destined for the top part 1 and 2 by Pastor Paul Enenche during Sunday service on 8th May, 2022.


Destined For The Top (part 1) mp3 by Pastor Paul Enenche


Destined For The Top (part 2) mp3 by Pastor Paul Enenche


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