Detailed Profile of Apostle Johnson Suleman History: OFM President

There are stories behind the making of mighty men. There are many articles or platforms where the stories of Apostle Johnson Suleman has appeared. This platform seems little different than others. In a way of introduction of this article, I will like to tell you that behind a man who God uses is a great story of scarce, disciplines and love that God has shown on such a man. This is the case of Apostle Johnson Suleman. The one whom the Lord loves He chastens. Apostle Johnson Suleman is a great and good man of God, he is God’s lover and a disciplined disciple of Christ. He is a true representation of Kingdom man who have passion to execute the will of God on Earth.


This page does not capture in details the bio data of Apostle Johnson Suleman but the little you read here can spur you to loving God more, this is the reason for this page; to see the God behind the man and the man himself. The purposes of God are eternal, God can use you the way you have seen Him use Apostle Johnson Suleman and beyond.  Finally, I stand to let you know that these details was not from personal interview him but some part of these data of Apostle Johnson Suleman were gotten from his life experiences that he shares during preaching while some were got from other platforms too.


Brief story about Apostle Johnson Suleman and Family

There are many questions about Apostle Johnson Suleman, some includes his nativity and family. Apostle Johnson Suleman is a Nigerian citizen born on 24th march 1971, into the family of Mr Imoudu Sule. Funny to tell you that, Apostle Johnson Suleman, changed his surname to Suleman on a good note but not to create a family issues. The change of surname did not bring about a change of fatherhood, his father was a muslin believer but today, he is a Christian. Apostle Suleman is a native of Auchi in Edo State Nigeria.

In the early life of Apostle Johnson Suleman, he was chased out of the house because of his faith in Christ Jesus but as a man convinced of his belief, he did not change his mind despite the troubles and suffering he passed through. He loved God passionately while being a youth. Apostle Johnson Suleman philanthropic nature started in his childhood days and was well known by everyone by that nature.


Apostle Johnson Suleman is married to Rev (Dr) Lizzy Suleman. The family blessed with six children. Five females and one male. The name of the first daughter of Apostle Suleman is called Favour Suleman. The names of Apostle Suleman and Dr Lizzy Suleman children are as follows: Favour Suleman, Devine, Love, Mirabel, Ebenezer and Excel Suleman. Interesting to let you that these children are being built or trained in the ways of Christ.


Apostle Johnson Suleman Academic career, qualification and ministry

Apostle Suleman is an educated personnel. He has his first degree course in mass communication. He obtained his PhD in the field of human resources development.   He is a professor by merit today. Apostle Johnson Suleman is the general overseer or president of Omega Fire ministries international (OFM). OFM was founded in the year 2004, after he was instructed by God to go his hometown to start a ministry, little did he know that it would be this way; though he has big vision of ministerial explosion but not the extent that God has taken him. The funny part of the story according to Apostle Suleman in most of his sermons, he explained that God instructed him to go to his hometown; he was on 40 days fast and praying, seeking the face of God on how ministry would be for him and God told him to start a ministry in his home town. He never like it because how dark (diabolism) the land was, as he was travelling to his home town, he entered the camp of faith (Retreat centre) to be sure of the voice he heard and the Lord repeated then same thing. Most friends left him for taking this decision of following the Lord’s voice and today, the story has changed.

There is a lesson to be drawn here, in your service to God, though God rewards, don’t look after the honour and reward, just be passionate with knowledge to serve God. In serving God faithfully, honour and blessings comes naturally. You can have your dreams and vision, your ability to keep or submit them at the fit of Jesus will determine how far God will take, Apostle is a broken man before the Lord, always willing and ready to forsake all for the sake of Gospel and God’s service. Interesting to let you know, the He caught his revelation for ministry through the vision God showed in BOOK OF ACTS OF THE APOSTLE 10 VERSES 38; prior to this time, he has read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation more than once. When you hear God make sure you hear the right voice of God because situations, mind and devil can speak to us and we claim it is God. The results in time will reveal what you heard.

Omega Fire Ministry is more than 1000 churches over the world. Omega Fire Ministry International branches is found in different parts of the world such as USA, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ghana, Israel, and many other countries.

Apostle Suleman in ministry is a blessing to many people. He has insight to scriptures and God has blessed him with many spiritual gifts such as word of Knowledge and gift of prophecy. Sometimes people get confused on his title. Title is not needed, some people call him prophet Suleman while other know him as Apostle.

The first Spiritual Father of Apostle Johnson Suleman was late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, after his death, God led him to having another spiritual father because man must not be  without Spiritual covering and guidance. At, the moment, the current Spiritual father of Apostle Johnson Suleman is Pastor Enoch Adebayo (The great man of faith in God).

One the seal of Apostle is seen in the capacity to raise others and establishing truth, this is seen in the ministry of Apostle Johnson Suleman, in his capacity of general overseer; he has many pastors under him as mentee, sons of the prophets which he teaches and many others who has willingly submitted to him for discipleship.

Apostle Suleman is vast in the knowledge of life. There is one man of God who has taught me much about how to live life and the dynamism of life is Apostle Johnson Suleman. One of his sermons, he stated summary of what you need to expect from his message which include: the ways to live life effectively on Earth, how to love God despite persecution and suffering, the preaching against wickedness and fulfilment of life purpose given by God. He also, preachers of prosperity of the church because we serve a God whose son became poor that we might be rich in all His Glorious provision.

Apostle Johnson Suleman is not a motivational preacher, he a positive minded man of God who believes victory of Christ and knowledge of God’s word is the solution to all matter. He understands that life has bony part, so, he always encourages all to be patience in Suffering, keep loving God, praying and studying the Bible until your victory is come. The Bible says, let the mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus… So, live life with a positive mind with Christ as the centre not believing that your mind is a powerful agent that provides victory but Christ. Positive thinking from motivational pastors exhorts the power of the mind than the power of Holy Spirit. You need to be positively minded in all situation (bad or good) with your strength and faith anchored on the victory of Christ in that situation.

Today you here of many testimonies in OFM, this a product of a man’s labour in the spirit. What you see today as miracles such as miracle money, healing, prophecies and powerful sermons of Apostle Johnson Suleman is a product of years of service to God in prayer, bible study, patience, obedience to God, walk with God and manifestation of ministerial Calling gifts. Do not go for gifts but pursue intimacy with God, this is an advice of Apostle Johnson Suleman to one man of God in a Sunday Service prophecy time.

OFM/ Celebration TV live

Celebration TV

OFM has a television station called Celebration Tv. This television station has its member’s staff as members of OFM too. Apostle Johnson Suleman is the chief Editor with Dr Lizzy Suleman. The OFM Television station created jobs for unemployed graduates. Celebration TV is another platform that to reach out the gospel to the world as it’s programs are designed to edify the Body of Christ. You can daily watch them at here . They display movies, Sunday sermons, gospel songs, healing services and lots of many TV programs that will lift up your spiritual being.

OFM also has theological school and secondary school.  OFM theological school is founded to build people who are into ministry on solid word of God and to raise Godly Children for Christ. In all round, you will know that Apostle Johnson Suleman is passionate for the ministry and he loves GOD.

Celebration Tv channels are: Celebration Tv on SKY channel 598,



  1. You do not confront crocodile when you still in the water
  2. Father decides destiny
  3. The devil steals, kills, lies, destroys but he is not a coward
  4. Failure is not a function of condition and success is personal not generic.
  5. When God speaks, He speaks future.
  6. In the Kingdom of God, there is no lucky but work.
  7. It takes selflessness to be spiritual
  8. There are no failures in life, there are only people who made wrong decisions in life.
  9. Indecision is decision
  10. The sound of battle is not the cry of defeat


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