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Does God Know you is one the reasonable questions to ask a believer. Does God Know you by Apostle Johnson Suleman is a sermon series (1&2) for two Sundays.  His desire is to see that believers know the God they serve and the God they serve know them.

It is possible to know God either by name or by acts but He does not know you.  The reason why the workers of miracle were cast out in the scripture was because they know God but God does not know them. The big question remains, Does God Know you?

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Does God know you when your daily ways are considered? The bible stated in John chapter 10 that the shepherd knows the sheep and the sheep know the shepherd. Apostle Johnson Suleman strategically brought this question so that men can re-evaluate their life and walk with God.


OFM Sunday service message: Does God Know you by Apostle Johnson Suleman (part 1 and 2)


There are people whom God was walking with long term ago but is no longer now. In all you do, does God know you? Persecution is part of Christian journey and people know you are being persecuted but the question is does God know you?

How do you if God knows you? If you do not have a good relationship with God, you need to review your connection with God. The platform or activity to know if God knows you is anchored in your relationship with Him.

People know that you are a prayer warrior and a bible study teacher. You do those things very well, the question remains, does God know you in that service. Many people has taken the glory of God in the place of honour, are you sure that God knows you.

This Apostle Johnson Suleman Sunday service message on does God know you was powerful and spirit lifting. You can download the audio messages and listen to other amazing things about this sermon. Download the audio using the bottom below

Does God Know you

-by Apostle Johnson Suleman


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Download part two here



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