Accessing The voice of God By Bishop David Oyedepo

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Accessing The voice of God By Bishop David Oyedepo is a sermon preached in Shiloh convention.  Knowing the voice of God is a process of spiritual formation and If there is what believers or Christians should learn more, it is the ways that God communicates with them. God is always speaking using different means. Some are witness in our heart, some are through the scriptures and others means.

In the olden days, prophets had the liberty to access the voice of God because they heard the spirit of God. They also lived a consecrated live in order that they may walk with God.  Our ability to access the voice of God is will depend on the spiritual training and the level of sensitivity that we have acquired. The coming of the King who is God will be as spoken by Apostle Arome will be a surprised to faithless people.

The voice of God is like stream waters, the voice of GOD breaks the cedars of Lebanon, the voice of God can be scarce to anyone who does not obey God. In order to be able to access the voice of God over many situations of your life, you need to be a person of sensitivity and discerning. MLR 2O2O messages are available, this will help you build more faith to subdue kingdoms

There are too many ways to learn. The art of accessing the voice of God should be taught by masters of the act. Now Bishop David Oyedepo has given us full scope on Accessing The voice of God. Click the below to start downloading.

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