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[Audio mp3 download] Accessing unusual power by Apostle Joshua Selman

Power, dominion and influence is what every creation of God craves and desire for.  We are objects or creatures of power here on Earth.  Accessing unusual power by Apostle Joshua Selman is a sermon that unveils the mysteries on how to get access to the power of God.

God gives power to a vessel who can handle it well. It must be operated according the will of God. You cannot fake what can be real. Due to the desire for power to manifest, some people or ministers of God get to practice witch craft and be manipulating both Christians in the name of miracles.

Apostle Joshua Selman Audio: Accessing unusual power

There are principles to getting genuine power from God.  He gives freely. Many people has refused the commands of the Holy spirit, seeking the desires of the genuine things of God in the flesh but they ended up in the bed of the devil and they are deceiving people today.

I recommend you download and listen to the process of birthing by Apostle Joshua Selman here, to know the various ways that the Holy Spirit can deal with a vessel He desires to use for His work. You must pass through the process before God release any allocation of His graces to you. Do not run away from the training, for He whom the Lord loves, He chastens.

This audio is powerful revealing to everyone, click to download this audio on how to access unusual power from God by Apostle Joshua Selman, click the link below to start now. File size is 20mb.


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