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Free Audio: Download An Appointed Time By Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche free Audio message: download An Appointed Time

Time is a mystery on earth. Every things that occurs in the supernatural realm on find expression or fulfillment on earth. Earth is the time realm, so every spiritual activity is for an appointed time on earth for full manifestation.  There are lessons of life you need to learn so that you do not miss the will of God’s fulfillment in your life.

For An Appointed Time By Dr Pastor Paul Enenche is an eye opener to opportunities that God has given us, how to come to manifestation. The blessing of God comes at the time appointed for it. Nothing happens without the knowing of the Lord.

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The bible says that the vision for an appointed time. You see even with vision, it is timely. God is a God of patterns and times, He lives in a timeless zone but constrain Himself to administer the affairs of Time full zone called Earth.

Audio sermon: For An Appointed Time By Pastor Enenche

There are times and seasons appointed to everything and purpose under heaven. They come to manifestation when the will of God permits it. There are also, some appointed time for some purposes that was delayed such as the freedom of children of Israel from Egypt and the freedom of Israel from Babylon which Daniel saw and prayed for.

What do I mean? At an appointed time is a rise to responsibility, you must take it personal when you realize it. there is an appointed time for all things because men are still in process of birthing or formation as taught by Apostle Selman. We need to arise to take responsibilities as taught by Bro Gbile Akanni.

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