Download Apostle Gideon Udoma The Turner Anointing [Audio Mp3]

Download Apostle Gideon Odoma Audio message: The Turner Anointing

Anointing  is God’s empowerment to manifest His Kingdom on Earth (by APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN, download now). Many people pray for the Anointing   but fail to live the life that sponsors it. the Holy Spirit is the turner of Anointing  while the humans are the vessel through which God manifest it. I recommend you listen to the Anointing   by Apostle Joshua Selman here.

There are several dimensions of the Anointing such as healing, preaching, teaching, services; all you do needs empowerment, which is why the prophets anoint a man when he is to take service of God. It is a sign of consecration from the world unto the work of God and life of God.

The Turner Anointing makes more emphasis on the giver and the vessel. When one does not learn from the teaching of the Holy Spirit concerning a particular grace He has given you, there is high chance that He makes it ineffective in you until you come to the knowledge of what He has given you.

God is more emphatic that you obey Him, love Him than any grace He has given you. Do not just the gift but love more on God. Do not pursue the gifts of the anointing but pursue the God of the gifts. This is my counsel to you today.

Knowledge is key to anything you need or have. When you lack the knowledge of God who gave you, the turner will be incapacitated to work out things with you. So you need this knowledge now, click to download the free audio using the download link below.

This sermon is part of the prophetic verse of RCN January contact meeting, you can also, download others messages spoken by Apostle Arome Osayi here and Apostle Gideon Udoma here

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