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[200+ Mp3 And Bibliography] Download Apostle Michael Orokpo Messages

Download Apostle Michael Orokpo Messages 2021 Mp3

Apostle Michael Orokpo is one of the preachers or revivalist of 21st century.  Apostle Mike Orokpo Messages carry revival fire, power and healing. As at the he started ministry, many people were asking, many questions about him, because of his understanding of eternal realties of God. Apostle Mike Orokpo is a man, God has graced in the calling of this Apostleship.

Apostle Mike Orokpo messages

In one of his messages, Apostle Michael Orokpo began sharing some experience on how he was called to ministry and some challenges he encountered. These things, I will share briefly in this article. It all started in his NYSC days, when God actually gave him a posting to serve; although there were challenges in making decisions in the state to serve, but finally found himself serving in Benue state, Makurdi. Download Living As Creatures Of Eternity

In Makurdi, Apostle Mike Orokpo located an apostle ministry called Remnant Christian Network (RCN). He started to attend their weekly contact meeting, this was in year 2014. He joined their prayer group, RCN is a powerful ministry that believes and teaches the word of God and prayers. So they engage in long prayers like four to five hours at a stretch, Apostle Mike Orokpo, joined them.

This is the testimony, after a while, Apostle Mike Orokpo noticed that he could pray for hours, and at that time, anyone he talks to begins to cry. There was conviction of Christ in anyone he talks to, that was the journey of his calling.

Apostle Mike Orokpo messages mp3 download

There were other series of encounters he had with God. On seeing this, Apostle Arome Osayi who is the pioneer of RCN and spiritual father to Apostle Mike Orokpo began to train him in spiritual things. He has also been blessed or receives impartations from other men of God. Today Apostle Michael Orokpo message mp3 is one the longed for, he has been graced by God with healing anointing and other graces too.

Apostle Michael Orokpo spiritual father: Apostle Arome Osayi is the Spiritual Father of Apostle Mike Orokpo

Is Michael Orokpo married? : No Apostle Mike Orokpo is not yet marriage.

Apostle Michael Orokpo chants mp3 download

Apostle Michael Orokpo ministry: Apostle Mike Orokpo has no church for now but he is working with his spiritual father to bring the gospel of the kingdom to the ends of the world. Apostle Micheal Orokpo messages are free. Apostle Mike Orokpo messages are sort for all over the world.

Audio mp3: Download Apostle Mike Orokpo messages

These are compilation of many sermon of Apostle Mike Orokpo 2021 and 2020 messages. You can click on the link to start downloading Apostle Mike Orokpo audio mp3 messages below. Have you been searching online for long on where to download Mike Orokpo messages? This page contains Apostle Michael Orokpo new preached sermons.

Download Apostle Mike Orokpo messages

download free apostle Michael Orokpo below:

Download Birthing nations (AEC Ghana) 31mb

Download Effects of Divine Knowledge

Download Growing into the Fullness of Christ

Download Eternal Rewards Of Soul Winning

Download re-digging the wells of revival by Apostle Mike Orokpo

Download the necessity of Kingdom Influence by Apostle Orokpo

Download the Power Of Obedience by Apostle Mike Orokpo

Download the principles of faith by Apostle Orokpo (17.7mb)

Download chisel for more by Apostle Mike







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