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Great news as RCN- Apostle Arome Osayi stuns Ghana with apostolic visitation with the gospel of the kingdom. This season happens to the period of manifestation of the kingdom of God. Jesus did not raise teacher or pastor but disciples which are the Apostles.

The season of revival is a season of apostolic invasion to nation with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The heavens declare the glory of God as the name of the Lord is being proclaimed to nations such as South Africa, United Kingdom and Africa. RCN Ghana hosted Apostle Arome on this apostolic visitation with the gospel of the Lord.

There is wide deployment of faith this season as deliverances are going on in territories. The early apostles were submitted to the doctrine of Christ with is founded on the word of God, prayer and evangelism.  In this apostolic visitation to the nation of Ghana, Apostle Arome Osayi began explaining the subject of apostolic culture as he unveils the truth from the word of God.

Apostolic culture is a lifestyle of the Kingdom of God which is founded on righteousness and justice; this is season in the book of acts during the sharing of food materials amongst the apostolic community.  In an apostolic community, prayer and bible study is a culture which must be adopted by the members.

RCN Ghana is a branch of Remnant Christian Network with Pastor Isaac Udame as the minister in charge. There is a need to raise apostle for the lord in the different systems of the world such as education, arts and media, business, and others. There are other activities that took place such as worship, healing and deliverances. You can participate in this apostolic visitation by downloading and listening to the audio. Click on the link bottom to start downloading now.

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