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Download Audio messages on Prayer and Spiritual gifts

The concept of prayers has not been understood by several people.  Sometimes, people get tire when they see others praying for long. Also, some people ask who does people say in long prayers. What is the reason for long prayers? Why do we pray? What is the essence or importance of prayer in Christianity? On the aspect of spiritual gifts, some people ask about the following: what are spiritual gifts? What are the forms of Spiritual gifts?  What is essence of praying in tongues?

These audio messages on prayers and spiritual gifts will address these questions. Stay tunes, download and listen all.

Download Mp3 Sermons on Prayers

The audio mp3 sermons compiled on this page were taught by different Pastors and Apostles of faith in Nigeria and beyond. Why do we pray? People pray because it is the only platform or privilege given to man to interface or communicate with his maker.   The essence of prayer is that it helps you build a better relationship with God. Prayers is another platform of receiving the very life of God because through prayers, the Holy Spirit helps you to pray and deposit in you the graces of God.

Staying long in prayers makes power available and your spiritual sensitivity sharpened. Most times, people stay long in prayers because they take time to reason matters with God. Do you still remember the scripture that says: come let us reason together says the lord? One of the ways to reason with God is through prayer. Therefore, below are the audio messages of prayers by different Preachers of the Gospel such as Apostle Johnson Suleman, Apostle Arome Osayi and the rest of them.  Click to download prayer sermons below:

  1. Praying the Burden of the Lord by Apostle Michael Orokpo (download here)
  2. Realms of Prayer by Apostle Michael Orokpo (download here)
  3. Accessing Power Through Prayers by Apostle Michael Orokpo (download here)
  4. Praying Into Greatness by Apostle Joshua Selman (download here)
  5.  COMMANDING ANSWERS TO PRAYERS by Apostle Johnson Suleman ( part1) (download here)
  6. COMMANDING ANSWERS TO PRAYERS by Apostle Johnson Suleman  part 2( Download here)
  7. THE PRAYING WOMAN By Apostle Johnson Suleman (download here)


Audio Messages on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Spiritual Gifts)

Spiritual gifts are known as the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual gifts are services. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to enable you operate in spiritual gifts. There are different kinds of Spiritual gifts which include: word of wisdom, word of knowledge, speaking Tongues and other as recorded in these audio sermons.

What the relationship between prayer and Spiritual gifts?  These kinds of question are very clearly answered in scriptures. The Holy Spirit is the one responsible for prayers and Spiritual gifts. The relationship between Spiritual gifts and Prayers is that through prayers, the Holy Spirit enables us to manifest on Spiritual gifts. Another relationship is that, we grow and sustain spiritual gifts by constant usage and prayer life. When you do not have a prayer life, you will find it difficult to operate and manifest in Spiritual gifts. You can now download the following audio on Spiritual gifts by different Preachers below.

  2. The Holy Spirit   (Part Two) -Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak (download here)
  3. THE GIFT OF THE SPIRIT by Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon (download here)
  4. Gift of faith By Apostle Arome Osayi (download here)


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