Free Audio Message: Download Barriers To Impact By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Free Audio Message: Download Barriers To Impact By Apostle Johnson Suleman

[Mp3 Sermon] download Apostle Johnson Suleman Message- Barriers to Impact

Barriers to impact by Apostle Johnson Suleman is the second wave of the first  exposition to the year theme tagged: Preservation and generational impact. Listen to the first sermon before this titled Burden for impact by Apostle Johnson Suleman.

There are many barriers or hindrances one can encounter on his  way to making impact to his generation. What is impact? According to Apostle Johnson Suleman, impact is when one lives his life and the live of others in bid to help others see the relevance of the life of the kingdom.  It is making an exceptional mark to your generation. According to Apostle Johnson Suleman, everyone will be remembered in the journey of life by the impact you make by solving problems or creating problems.

Barriers to impact

The bible says whoever wants to build, will he not first count his cost, so that he could finish well. There is always a mystery of an expected end toward every journey of impact.  Some barriers one can encounter in making impact includes: fear, financial background, mindset, marriage, family background and many others.

Apostle Johnson Suleman with Rev Dr Lizzy Suleman in this message; barriers to impact exposed many life challenges that could hinder anyone to be relevant to his generation. This audio sermon does not need to be neglected. Do you want to make impact? Are you burdened to help your dying generation see the ways of Christ? One part of generational impact is taking the gospel of the kingdom to the unreached places in the world. Click to download this audio.

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Part 2 (28.6mb)                            Download here,

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