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South-East Apostolic Invasion with Apostle Joshua Selman – Download be strong in the Lord

How to be strong in the Lord has been a prevalent question amongst young believers in faith. The Book of Ephesians 6 verses 10 says ‘finally Brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might’. What is being strong in the Lord? Being strong in the Lord is taking root or being convinced in your faith in Christ up to the extent that nothing shakes you off from believing.

Great news, Apostle Joshua Selman visits south Eastern Nigeria on an Apostolic Invasion. Apostle Joshua Selman ministration at South-East Apostolic Invasion were powerful, many miracles occurred and healing took place.

Many believers today, fall of from faith because, they are strong in the Lord. Their faith level is considered small. Jesus taught on how to be built and be strong in the Lord.  He says, he who hears the word of God is a house built on the rock, which when trials and turbulent shock comes, the house does not fall because it is founded on the rock.

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To be strong in the Lord means to build on the word of God. What does it mean to be built on the word? Being built on the word of God is to be consistent with your Bible study and application of the lesson of your bible study.

One of the ways to check your strength in the Lord is through trials and temptations. Apostle Joshua Selman advised Believers to be strong in the Lord such that nothing or circumstances of life will be able to push you away. Be strong in the Lord is South-East Apostolic Invasion sermon by Apostle Joshua Selman. To grasp fully the concept, the prayer blessing and all about the sermon, click on the link below to start downloading.

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