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[Free Audio At WAFBEC 2021] Download Birthing Kingdom: Pastor Jerry Eze

Audio Sermon: download Birthing Kingdom by Pastor Jerry Eze at Manifesting His Kingdom Conference 2021

Birthing Kingdom by Pastor jerry is Day 6 Morning Session or message at Manifesting His Kingdom WAFBEC in the year 2021. The conference was awesome as Apostle Selman was the keynote speaker. Get the free sermons here. You can download the messages of Apostle Selman at gaining momentum conference 2021 too.

The birthing of Kingdom is the carrying out the will of the God on earth. We birth the kingdom of God on Earth by preaching the message of the gospel of the kingdom. Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom. The kingdom of God is near you as the bible makes us to know, it is forever with you, in your mouth. The birthing process is you being in alignment with God so as to prosecute His biding accurately.

Kingdoms are rewards given to men on Earth and also in heaven as an inheritance of good work done. Taking personal responsibility to live the lives that subdue the earth is one of the ways to birthing kingdoms. Another way of manifesting God’s kingdom on earth so as to birth nations is to take preach the gospel to nations.

There has been an emphasis that missionary man power will rise from African, this audio will set your life on course to manifestation as a son of God on Earth. Click to download this message below.

Download Birthing Kingdom

By Pastor Jerry Eze, file size is 27mb

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