Breaking Through Strong Holds

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Breaking Through strongholds is a warfare that everyone must do. There are realms of warfare that everyone must get to in life. Though Jesus has won all for us, but these warfare exist in order for us to be made strong in our Faith. The Holy Ghost is the author that gives us strength for breakthrough.

The bible says we should contend for the Faith. So even our Faith has to stand by contention or struggle. This is because there are things Waring against your Faith and spiritual balance.  If you don’t stand for warfare, know that you will soon to a defeated fellow. Warfare is real. May the Lord help you to learn how to reverse the irreversible things in your life.

So what do you make out those scriptures above? There are many strongholds to war against. First is the strongholds of the mind, which exalts itself to oppose the word of God in you. Two is the warfare again spiritual powers. In warfare of the mind, scriptures are important tools for victory. The Lord is our strong tower, learn to hide in Him during warfare.

The warfare with the spiritual realm, as a Christian you are already victorious, so you are coming to the devil with the victory of Christ over him.  It’s illegal to fight with the devil because Christ defeated him for a long time.

This sermon is right at the season for your knowledge. Do not down play it. Click to download this sermon by Archbishop Duncan Williams below.

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