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Download Complete Deliverance By Apostle Joshua Selman (Part 1-3)

Audio Sermon: Complete Deliverance by Apostle Joshua Selman (Part 1-3)

Complete delie

Compete deliverance by Apostle Joshua Selman is an audio sermon that reveal the all round freedom of a Christian from oppression and darkness. Many many, people are delivered from darkness or oppression and over time, some signs or fear is seen in them concerning what they were delivered of.

Although, on the basis of salvation, a Christian is not totally saved until Christ comes. There are three levels of salvation a Christian must experience.

When it comes to demonic possession, actually the freedom is sure but sometimes it takes a little time to come to completion. Although the Bible declares that he Whom the son of man has set free is free indeed.


Complete Deliverance part 1, 2 and 3 by Apostle Joshua Selman


Most times, due to fear of whether someone is free from oppression, devil uses that medium to gain ground.

The lack of knowledge keeps someone in perpetual bondage in darkness even though the person has been set free by Christ and in Christ.

Apostle Joshua Selman outlined the following subtopics that will be treated in this series from part one through three. They are as follows:

For complete Deliverance part one, the following subject are included:
1) Biblical basis for the study of demons and Satan
2)Origin of Satan and demon spirits.
3) The reality of evil- in scripture and in our world today.

The outline for complete deliverance part two by Apostle Joshua Selman included:
1) The structure and operations of demons and Satan
2) The biblical concepts of deliverance
3) The gateways or access points of demons to the life of a Believer
4) The nature of the flesh

The sermon topic outlines for complete deliverance part three by Apostle Joshua Selman included:
1)The administration of deliverance
I) the three levels of deliverance
2) The weapons of victory/ the whole amour of God
3) In balance around the subject of deliverance

Apostle Joshua Selman explained full details on this topic. Therefore, all series on complete deliverance by Apostle Joshua Selman is available here. Click to download the audio sermons  here below.


Download part one

Download part two (44mb)

Download part three


Download All Koinonia Audio sermons here by Apostle Joshua Selman for free


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