Abuja HOTR IYTC 2021- Encounter: Download Creation By Apostle Michael Orokpo Mp3

Free Mp3: Download Creation By Apostle Michael Orokpo (At Abuja HOTR IYTC 2021- Encounter)


Creation by Apostle Michael Orokpo

Creation stories sometimes are beyond comprehension because the methods and how God created the world remains a mystery to human race. God created the universe all races knows this and the means through which it was created is not known. Also, there are critical things that the bible capture about creation which are scattered across the scripture. So, it requires effective bible skill and techniques to reveal them.

Also, any mystery is the creation of man because the only thing we know is that man was formed from the dust of the earth and breath of the Almighty was breathed upon him. The mastermind behind creation is the wisdom of God which is CHRIST.  Christ is the wisdom of God and John 1 states that all things were made by Him and nothing was made except Him.


Download Creation By Apostle Michael Orokpo Mp3 Audio (HOTR Messages)


The mystery in the creation of man was that, God initially spoke out of the communion in the TRINITY and they decided amongst themselves to create a man who they can enjoy that kind of communion with. From eternity, they brought in the existence of man.

Many was created for communion and the earth was created to be filled and retain the glory of the Lord. There are a lot of mysteries of creation by Apostle Michael Orokpo message revealed. All you need now is to click to download below this audio sermon on creation by Apostle Michael Orokpo.


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