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Free Mp3: Download Deliverance By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Download Apostle Johnson Suleman message on Deliverance

Deliverance is the breaking free from a bondage or captivity. This is a long awaited sermon of Apostle Suleman in the month of August. Deliverance by Apostle Suleman was a revelation to people who felt there is no need of deliverance. Apostle Suleman, in his teaching stated clearly that Christians needs deliverance for some reasons.

The Bible says that upon mount Zion, there shall be deliverance and Holiness and the house of Jacob shall possess their possession. Zion is the city of great kings and the city of God.  Also, Zion is the place of God’s glory. This is to tell you that a Christian requires deliverance despite his spirituality.

He also stated that, a Christian cannot be possess because he has the Holy Spirit. This is true because the human spirit is like a one room. It is interesting to know that despite that a Christian cannot be possess by an evil Spirit, he or she can be influence or demonized by a spirit.

Who is a Christian that needs deliverance? It is he who has near successes syndrome. People who needs deliverance are those who has addictions of any kind; there are problems that are caused by demons and such cases requires deliverance.


How people get possess that require deliverance


There are several ways that people are possess by spirit. Some maybe through gifts, some are physical initiations and covenants, some people are possess through music or sounds too. Some people today are depressed and they committed murder. So Apostle Suleman message on deliverance was a powerful service with many prophecies and deliverance sessions.

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