Deployment of Faith

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Mp3 Message: The Release or Deployment of Faith with Pastor Paul Enenche

Deployment of Faith by Pastor Paul Enenche is a message or sermon that contains mysteries on faith. Faith as a subject has been a controversial issue because people get wondered how their faith is not productive as others. Many also, teach erroneous things because they misunderstand the basic or deeper thing of faith.

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The Holy Spirit deploys faith to you through the word of God through your Spirit.  The release of faith can come by impartation by a person of higher grace. There is a spiritual gift called the gift of faith. Faith grows in levels, faith comes by hearing of the word of God. You can deploy faith over situations in your life but have you developed enough faith?

This sermon deployment of faith might have been preached during the season of dramatic shift and dimension, being the yearly theme of Dunamics church for the year 2020.  God is pleased when you have faith, download the violent faith by Bishop David Oyedepo  to see another dimension of faith.  All men are equal in Christ but the difference is the level of trust commitment and deployment of faith over the jurisdiction of existence.

Faith is not moved by sight, but by conviction, I know you will not like to miss this audio, learn ways to develop your faith and spiritual growth, so that you can do greater works (preached by Apostle Johnson Suleman download). Click the audio to start the download.

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