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Divine order is a set of instructions given to man for execution. Divine order cannot be questioned by anyone because man is on the implementing side of God’s instructions. When divine orders comes to Earth, the issue is the alignment of mankind to receive such an order in to carry out the purposes of God for the season.

The Bible is filled with many divine order in different dispensations. During the time of Joshua the son of Nun, the order from God was to move around the wall of Jericho seven times. During the time of Samson, his divine order was on the consecration he received which is that razor will not touch his head and he will be consecrated like as a Nazarene.

Divine Order by Rev. David Ogbueli

Some of the divine orders from God are instructions of consecration that will aid us to sustain our faith in God. When divine order is not maintain, the purposes of God will not find full expression. The Lord is a God of order and does not break protocols because of man’s will or desire, this is because God does things to please Himself which are better for our living.

Divine order comes in different folds. Through God’s divine order, your predestination has be determined, your justification was settled and your salvation was secured in Christ.  Reverend David Ogbueli, the General Overseer of Dominion City Church explained a lot of things on the subject of divine order. Click the bottom below to start downloading

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