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[Audio Download] How to become a powerful and fruitful leader by  Dr Myles Munroe

A Leader is born and made, either way is a true fact. The bible says that some are born Eunuchs, some are made by men while some made themselves, it is just a  matter of choice. Many people have failed in leadership both in secular and Religious platforms, not because they do not know the work but they fail to apply some caution to some leadership principles.

You need to learn how to plan your vision as a leader in any office taught by Dr Myles Munroe. Every leader has a vision and must work by the vision. There are certain things that make people fail in life and leadership. do you want to know?  first download finishing well by Apostle Suleman here to learn the mysteries of expected end in all leadership and life expectancies.

how to become a leader

One of the things makes a leader not to be fruitful and ineffective in leadership include the following:  lack of obedience to God, lack of the know knowledge of God’s word, lack of prayer life style, peer pressure influence, pride, and some many intrinsic qualities to relates to character. You can

Are you a leader? Do you think that your are not doing what is expected of you and you need help? You can now download this awesome audio sermon titled how to become an effective leader by Dr Pastor Myles Munroe below.

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