The Tragedy Of Wealth By Apostle Johnson Suleman

[Most Life Mistakes] Download Errors Of Life By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Download Audio : Errors Of Life By Apostle Johnson Suleman

The Errors Of Life By Apostle Johnson Suleman makes a huge impart in the understanding of life. People are bound to make mistakes in life but its continuous habit may turn to errors. life is full of errors only because men refused to walk in path of truth. God has given out everything in Christ so that no excuse will be given.

Errors Of Life By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Mistakes are not Errors, but Errors could be caused by mistakes. Errors occurs will abound when one repeated build his or her life on wrong foundation or false experiences of life due to lack of proper understanding of certain life principles. meaning when life is lived in costly assumptions or mistakes, errors are inevitable.

There are certain errors in life men do that follow them to grave. these errors could be considered as truth by next generation if not corrected, so Apostle Johnson Suleman has pointed out some Life Errors so that we will be properly guided.

Errors Of Life By Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3

This sermon was spoken by Restoration Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman at OpenĀ  SPAIN 2020. click on the link to download the files.

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Message part 1

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Audio MessageĀ  part 2 (day 2 evening)

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