Errors Of Men By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Most Common Mistakes: Errors Of Men By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Audio Download: Errors Of Men By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Errors Of Men By Apostle Johnson Suleman is a sermon preached by Apostle Johnson at their men’s conference 2020 at Auchi Edo state. It was the last session of the conference.

Apostle Suleman actually opened the eyes of everyone on the most common errors that men do in life, marriage and others decisions of life. There are Most common mistakes in life that we do without our knowledge of realizing that we are at forth.

One striking thing he made clear was that men complain to God about things money can buy, forgetting that God is gracious giving them what money could not buy. Giving them fulfilled marriage, and healthy family.  They have forgotten that God who gave them wife that do not trouble their lives can provide them with all things.

Actually men do most errors in life as the head of the family. One scripture he addressed the issue was Job 5: 6 which says ” For affliction does not come from the dust, Nor does trouble spring from the ground” (KJV). Evrery life problems has a route.


 Errors Of Men By Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3

Marriage and career is the most areas of life that men and women made mistakes in life. can you quickly hit on the download bottom to find out most errors that men do?

Please do not look at the size, click to download, the knowledge is worth it.

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Download audio on most common mistakes people do in life by apostle Johnson Suleman


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