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Finishing well is an important aspect of any race or journey. It is not how well you started but how well you finished. There is wide difference between beginning and end. The difference is the activities within the two measuring lines. Download Burden For Impact By Apostle Johnson Suleman in this 2021 generational impact and preservation.

Many people have started well and finished badly. Some have also, started badly but finished well. It all determined by what you did in the process of reaching the finished line. The bible recognized this in the statement of Jesus when He was addressing an issue. He said that if anyone wants to build a house, does he not count the cost, least, when he started and did not finished, people will mock him that he started but could not finished.

Finishing Well by Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3 download

So, in that statement, finishing well becomes a priority in life. Download the power of priority here. There is always joy when people finish well in life. This is because there is a glory in it. rewards are tied to people that finish well in all thing. In your life journey and faith in Christ, you will either receive well done my son or depart from me you worker of iniquity.

Finishing well by Apostle Johnson Suleman is an alarm to the body of Christ about starting your faith in Christ and end up in hell at last. This is the most tragedy of life. There are some common errors both men and women do in life that make their finishing well endangered.

Do you care to finish well? Apostle Johnson Suleman has stated some principles that will help you start and finish well in anything you set out to do. Click to download this audio titled Finishing well by Apostle Johnson Suleman below. file size is 25.7mb

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