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Download Apostle Michael Orokpo messages on Grace Part one and two

Growing in Grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ unto maturity is the main focus or objective of this Christian walk. The grace of God that bring salvation has appeared to all men and it teaches us to say no to ungodly living. The grace of God comes in different dimensions and forms.

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When we receive Christ in our life, it was by grace. The grace of God given you during born again repentance, there is grace available to deliver you from daily working and the dimension of grace to bring you salvation when Christ comes. Growing in grace is our responsibility to do because God has given us that gift.



Download How to grow in Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ by Apostle Michael Orokpo


How do we grow in grace and knowledge of God? We grow in grace through the instrumentality of prayer and bible study. We the Bible says, grace and peace be multiplied through the knowledge of God’s word.  Growing in grace is function of your knowledge and conviction in the word of God.

Many people are operation in the least provisions of the grace of God. The bible says the great grace was upon the Apostles the days of old. Let us go for higher grace so as to fulfill our calling here on Earth.

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Growing in grace and knowledge of God’s word help in the manifestation of the glory of God. It is a true mark that you are maturing in God. Growing in grace brings more responsibility on you, there you need to build intimacy with God.


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Let us grace unto maturity. You can now download this audio sermon of Apostle Michael Orokpo on growing grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ below.

Download Part one


Download Part two



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