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This is Pastor Paul Enenche sermon at Global youth convention by Pastor Paul Enenche. The title of Pastor Paul Enenche sermon is created for a purpose. Pastor Paul Enenche speaking on the topic gave these highlights as he proceeded in the sermon. Before, commenting, do you believe that we are created for something?  Pastor Paul Enenche teaching and sermon on purpose clarify the essence of purpose discovery.

Pastor Paul Enenche ministration at Global youth convention started with the following highlights: The journey of life begins when you understand the purpose for which you are created for. The main objective of the sermon is to understand man’s creation on purpose. Gen 1: 26-28 was the text.

God designs and purpose everyone to different destinies. He is a God of purpose. Life is a project of purpose. God will never initiate any project without purpose. Everyone living on the earth exists for a purpose.

created for a purpose

How to discover your life purpose by Pastor Paul Enenche mp3

Download Dr Myles Munroe message here.  The essence of life is to know the purpose for which you are created for. Many people ask, how can I discover mu purpose? The first purpose you must discover is to know the giver of the purpose; this is because you cannot know what you are created for if you do not know the giver.  Christ Jesus is the first purpose of life; it is from Him that all things are defined.

The bible declares that all things are created for Him and by Him. He is the brain work behind creation because the bible declares that through wisdom the world was created. He was the wisdom behind the visible and invisible realm. When you discover and know Christ, then you can discover you purpose from Him because He is your life definition.

Pastor Paul Enenche messages on marriage and purpose are very good to embed. You can download this sermon of Pastor Paul Enenche at Global youth convention 2021 titled created for a purpose by clicking on the link bottom below. File size is 43.6mb with time duration of two and some minutes.

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