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[Audio Sermon] Download It Is Written By Archbishop Duncan Williams

Archbishop Duncan Williams Audio: Download It Is Written

It is written is a message preached by Archbishop Duncan Williams. He is a Ghanaian  preacher and famous to preach the truth as the grace is on him. It is written, what is written?  where was it written? Who wrote them?  These are critical  questions you need to ask concerning your inheritance in Christ Jesus. Download the test of love by Arc Duncan Williams so at to know why He wrote things about you.

There are many things that have been written about you. King David of the bible says that he will live to fulfill all that is written about him. You can not know that written about you if you do not make the effort to know and seek understanding of it. How to  Secure word from God about the written promises concerning your life is a responsibility to do.

There are things written about your deliverance from satanic operations by the help of Christ. There are things written about your health, career, daily living, your prosperity and all that concerns your life. The issue is do you know?

The things written about you were written by GOD. The place to find them is in the bible and it all that concerns your existence that was written. The problem of an average believer is the laziness to study the bible to know the immeasurable promises or volume of things written about you by God. Do you see the bible: It is written for you and to you in order to know the agreements that Christ had on your behalf with God so that you can live a free life in Him.

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