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Rehoboth is an Old Testament biblical word having many meanings. What is the meaning of that word -Rehoboth? Making reference to scriptures (Genesis 10: 9-11 and 26: 21-22), Rehoboth by geographical location is found between Assyria and Palestine.

Journey to Rehoboth’ is a sermon topic handled by Pastor Paul Enenche at the Joint Christian Campus Fellowship of University of Port-Harcourt in 2021. The theme of the conference was Rehoboth Dominion.

Journey to Rehoboth

The word, ‘Rehoboth’ came as a result of the struggle which the servants of Jacob had while digging a well for their animals. They faced challenges with the Philistines and other people during the process until they finally found peace. Just know this; in a bid to seek greener pastures or for survival in life generally you are most likely going to encounter troubles. There are persons who shall make dogged attempts to take away the treasures you have struggled to find for yourself.

Journey to Rehoboth:  Pastor Paul Enenche message at JCCF-UNIPORT NG

From biblical interpretations and study even with the scriptures referenced earlier, we can draw meaning and significance to Rehoboth. Rehoboth came because Jacob’s servants found a place where they peacefully dug and retained their own well. And they finally rested from the struggles they had earlier experienced at other sites.

This is the spiritual interpretation of Rehoboth -You enter your season of Rehoboth when the lord makes room for you and makes you fruitful in the land He has allocated to you (Gen 26: 22). Many are the battles of life, the frustrations that the wicked bring to people but victory is on your side according to Apostle Arome.

There are certain points outlined by Pastor Paul Enenche which can help you enter the Journey to Rehoboth. The following highpoints are worthy of noting which are spoken by Pastor Paul Enenche at the conference.

Rehoboth is a place of enlargement. In times, like this, it is important to know that has been time like this. Steps of journey to Rehoboth

  1. In times of troubles, God will make aways for escape, for He cannot allow temptation bigger than us before us.
    In times of need, your greatest need is not man but God.
  2. The visitation of God is the termination of frustration
    The visitation of God is the initiation of direction.
  3. In your journey to Rehoboth, do not follow the crowd to fulfill your destiny rather follow the Lord to fulfill your destiny. If you must stand out then you must step out of the crowd. Do not allow the crowd to determine your destiny for you.
  4. Covenant with God is the covering climate against the adverse terror of darkness.

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