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Intimacy is derived from the Greek word Koinonia which means common communion or relationship. Keys to intimacy is Apostle Suleman sermon at 10 hours of intimacy program done at the OFM headquarters. The program was power packed and many miracle of healing. Intimacy with God is the key to accessing God’s graces.

There are many doors in the spiritual realm that defines our spiritual realities. If the key to access these doors are handed to you, you become a master over it. Intimacy with God is key to defining our spiritual essence and realities.  The bible says that it is the glory of God to conceal matters and the glory of men to search them out. Kings or mature men of the kingdom search out the matters or secrets things of the Lord.


Download Intimacy by Apostle Johnson Suleman – what are the keys to intimacy


There are many Christians who are enjoying God’s provision but they do not have a walking relationship with Him. The hallmark of Christian walk to have an intimacy with God, to have an unbridled love and tangible walk with God. Having Hunger for His presence and love all time. Today, we have people who are not intimate with God and they stand to misrepresent the kingdom purposes.

What are the keys to intimacy? If you desire to have a good relationship with God, you must start from being born again, then you began to learn how to hear God and the Holy Spirit. You intimacy with God will increase when you obey the voice of God regularly, study the scriptures and obeying them and praying always.  My advice to you is this: do not do the work of God if you do not have a working relationship with Him. You also need to know that God gave you the position you are now so that through it you can access him more on a friendly basis like Moses.

Apostle Johnson Suleman explained many principles of intimacy and keys to intimacy with God. You need to listen to this sermon. Click below to download this sermon below.

key to intimacy with God

-Apostle  Johnson Suleman

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