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Knowing God by Apostle Joshua Selman is an expository sermon and teaching on steps and principles to know God. Knowing God personally is a discipline man should embark on for him to faith a strong faith. Conviction of faith is as a result of how knowledgeable you know God. It is not enough to give your life to God but to enough knowing God and living out the life of Christ.

knowing God

There are different ways to knowing God. The bible declares that God is a spirit that hides Himself. Though God hides Himself, the book of Romans chapter one shows that the invisible qualities of God are clearly seen so that men are without excuses. The glory of God is revealed to any who press on to know it.

Koinonia sermon- Knowing God by Apostle Joshua Selman mp3 download

It is the glory of God to conceal matters but the glory of men to search them out. Knowing God helps you touch and experience His glorious realities. Apostle John saying something from First John; that which we have touched, seen of the word of grace and life, that is what we proclaim to you. Knowing God helps you walk in this dimension of maturity of Christian faith.

Knowing God is a deliberate conscious decision. There are many men of God who know God and the level of faith is high, also there are many Christian too on this category. You can know God through the help of the Holy Spirit. One natural way of knowing God is reading, studying and mediating on the scriptures. You can learn ways and skill to study and understand the bible here.  

Apostle Selman’s sermon on spiritual growth and maturity is one the high class teaching that can help your Christian faith and walk with God. The level of your maturity is dependent on faith which comes by the knowledge you have about God. Apostle Joshua Selman has exposed this topic at Abuja Koinonia branch. You can now click to download Knowing God by Apostle Joshua Selman using the bottom below.

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