Mp3 Sermon: Download Lifting Power of Humility by Apostle Joshua Selman

Koinonia sermon: download Lifting Power Of Humility By Apostle Joshua Selman


The lifting power of humility by Apostle Joshua Selman is gives a true perspective to relationship prosperity. The bible says that we should humble ourselves and in due time, He will uplift us. One to tell you that, when one is proud, his first enemy is God because God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

One of the laws of greatness is humility. A man who is not humble cannot receive favor from the hands of men. Being humble also has to do with honor and respect. The lifting power of humility by Apostle Joshua Selman reveals many secrets that helps in destiny fulfilment.

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Download Lifting power of humility by Apostle Joshua Selman mp3


Lifting power of humility are many but one of it is favour. When a man is humble, he receives favour. When you want to receive from rich people, do not only receive from them, also, look little things you can help them with such as buying jotter or little things.

Humility is a powerful tool for lifting and achieving greatness in life. You are aware that Apostle Joshua Selman is an expert in this area of interpersonal relationship. He taught on some key components that will help a man get uplifted by applying the principles of humility.

There are much to say, but you can click to download the lifting power of humility by Apostle Joshua Selman here below.


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