Download Most Common Mistakes in Marriage By Couples By Kingsley Okonkwo

Download Kingsley Okonkwo Mp3: Most Common Mistakes in Marriage by Couples

Mistakes in marriage are beyond the common errors of life that people is making every day. These mistakes are called common because they are easily neglected but they contribute to major downfall of marriages.   Marriage is beyond the union of female and females. You can learn more on marriage seminar here. Many people are afraid to marry; many are asking what the common errors in marriage are while some are asking what the reasons for marriage are? There is high rate of divorce rate today because most common errors or mistakes in marriage are not taken cognizance of by both parties.

Marriage is beyond procreation and child bearing. Child bearing in marriage is blessing because the bibles makes it clear that children are the blessings of marriage. There are a lot of marriage counseling units and institutes today because of these mistakes in marriage.

There are mistakes in marriage when couples do not take time to understand themselves before and in marriage. The following marriage audio sermons will help you to know more about marriage and it’s challenges.

There are few things you need to acknowledge about marriage. Marriage is the only institution that you are certified first before you enroll.  Marriage is an institution that you keep learning it’s course content till you part from earth realm. The pass mark is marked by the partners involved; also it’s failure rate is corrected by the partners involved.

What is the pattern of an ideal marriage? The ideal marriage is patterned after the union of God (Christ) and His church. If marriage could be understood in this angle, most mistakes in marriage will reduce. The book of Ephesians explained many things on how marriage should be done and it is the responsibility of the couples to search the secrets of good and effective marriage life through the scriptures.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo audio marriage sermons or messages are wonderful. This is area of calling and such a grace should be valued. There are many mistakes in marriage that couple discover or make while in marriage. Some starts by hiding secrets from you partner; this shows lack of trust.

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