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Explosive sermon: Download Nehemiah Anointing part one and two by Apostle Johnson Suleman

Nehemiah Anointing by Apostle Johnson Suleman is a powerful sermon you will not like to miss. It is well known that Apostle Suleman messages are full of power and fire to loving God and making the most life opportunities. In this sermon, Nehemiah Anointing by Apostle Johnson Suleman is a very powerful and prophetic audio sermon for you.

The Nehemiah of the Bible whose was serving in King’s place was a brave and God’s fearing man. Nehemiah was a prayerful man. Nehemiah was amongst the Hebrew people that went on captivity to Jerusalem.

Nehemiah of the Bible was a servant to King. He served in the area of table service to the King. One thing you will notice about Nehemiah is royalty. The Bible declares that we are a royal priesthood, holy nation, Kings and queens of the Lord. So the manifestation of Nehemiah Anointing started in his service to the king.

Another aspect of Nehemiah Anointing is on speed. This is seen when he rebuilt the wall and city of Jerusalem. It took Israel many years to build the temple but took Nehemiah one year to rebuild the fallen city of Jerusalem.

The Nehemiah Anointing is the anointing for resilience, patience and Leadership. Leadership demands God’s grace. Nehemiah led or coordinated his people to rebuilding the spoils of left. Apostle Suleman when explained many things here, you can click the bottom below to start download the audio file.

Download part one (2020 version)

Download 2021 version (part two)

Download Laws of Greatness by Apostle Johnson Suleman here

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