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Pastor Paul Enenche messages have the undiluted word of God. Pastor Paul Enenche is one the fathers of faith in Nigerian Churches. Pastor Paul Enenche biography is widely known by many people such as members of Dunamics church. Faithful leaders produce faithful followers, Pastor Paul Enenche father in the lord or spiritual faith is Bishop David Oyedepo.

Pastor Paul Enenche

There are several Men of God and general overseers in Nigeria; Pastor Paul Enenche is one the Pastors that God has committed the mandate of the gospel in Nigeria. The prophetic history of Nigeria to rise as missionary man power has come to pass as God has graciously empowered Nigerian Pastors with many graces and power to evangelize. Download the following audio Nigerian Pastor’s sermons:

  1. Bishop David Oyedepo
  2. Apostle Johnson Suleman

What do you know about Pastor Paul Enenche? Pastor Paul Enenche Bibliography is summarized as thus:  Pastor Paul Enenche is the senior Pastor or the general overseer of the Dunamics International Church. The international headquarters (Glory Dome) of Dunamics Church is in Abuja Express way. Glory Dome is a largest church by capacity in West Africa with capacity of 100,000.

Pastor Paul Enenche wife name is Dr Becky Enenche; both of them are certified medical doctors.  God blessed Pastor Paul Enenche family with five children (four daughters and one son). The family is blessed with fruitful children.

Pastor Paul Enenche family

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Pastor Paul Enenche messages are prophetic and power packed. Pastor Paul Enenche has been graced by God to produce some gospel songs. Pastor Paul Enenche songs and album are free while some are paid. The link leads you to the official page for the list of Pastor Paul Enenche song. Pastor Paul Enenche album page is here.

Audio messages of Pastor Paul Enenche are free on this page. There are many mp3 latest messages of Pastor Paul Enenche here. Pastor Paul Enenche now operates in healing anointing; you can receive powerful deliverances and healing from his audio messages. You faith is highly needed for God is out to help you today.

Pastor Paul Enenche 2021 messages

Pastor Paul Enenche 2021 messages are inclusive in this page. The link to download is free. You can click on any sermon topic and the message will start downloading automatically.

You can download audio mp3 of Pastor Paul Enenche messages below:

Download created for a purpose by pastor Enenche

Download the discovery of purpose by Pastor Enenche

what have you in the house by Pastor Enenche

Click to download Fulfilling destiny part one by Pastor Paul Enenche

Click to download Fulfilling destiny part two by Pastor Paul Enenche (66mb)

Download the value of blessing by Pastor Paul Enenche

Download Preservation By Faith By Pastor Paul Enenche,

Click to download Journey to Rehoboth (River state university NG)

Download healing anointing by Pastor Paul Enenche 

Download Pastor Paul Enenche sermon at heavens conference

Download created for a purpose by pastor Enenche

Download proof of dedication part 1 by Pastor Paul Enenche

Download proof of dedication part 2 by Pastor Paul Enenche

Download Breaking Family and Generational Curses by Dr Paul Enenche

Download Pastor Paul Enenche marriage message (Singles)

Download For An Appointed Time By Pastor Enenche,



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