Audio Sermon: Download Power Of Obedience by Apostle Mike Orokpo

The Power of Obedience is a spiritual principle that attracts the hand of God toward a man for transformation. Obedience is the bedrock for spiritual growth. Your ability to obey God’s instruction is dependent on the level of revelation and understanding you have about God. When you do not obey God, you will be colonize or control by the systems of the devil.

Download audio message: Power Of Obedience by Apostle Mike Orokpo

The Obedience is a sign of spiritual maturity. Download spiritual growth by Apostle Johnson Suleman. God loves an obedient fellow who follows Him because of His love he has for Him. Obedience done on a platform of love has more spiritual benefits to life.

Power of Obedience to God or man is of necessity to kingdom service. Taking a look at the life of Abraham, if Abraham never obey God’s commands to leave his father’s house, who would have replace what he achieved in Christian faith?  Download the power of change by Apostle Michael Orokpo.

What is the power of obedience? Obedience releases the favor and grace of God on people. The obedience of man can cause God to have mercy on him and cause his enemies do at peace with him. Obedience to fuels God’s blessing to abide on man.

When you walk according to statutes of His commands and perform or obey them, the season of planting is blessed by rain and harvest is multiplied. When you do not obey God, calamity befalls the land. Many people do not understand the ways of God because they lack the understanding of the glorious majesty.

Apostle Mike Orokpo sermons are very heavy to bear. This Apostle Mike Orokpo message in the power of obedience is available, click the link to download the audio mp3.




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