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Principles of faith by Apostle Mike Orokpo reveal the level of your faith. Faith is progressive because it grows. Many people have taught on this subject of faith and many Ministers have not because of the level of revelation that they have. Many people are still confused keep asking; what is faith? What are the principles of faith? Faith has principles and this audio sermon will open your horizon of understanding on the faith matters.

Faith is the substance of things hope for, and evidence of things not seen. Faith is that substance of conviction that seems tangible of the reality of Christ. This substance may be a revelation from the word of God or a testimony.  Download marriage mp3 sermons here 

What are the principles of great faith

There are principles of great faith, principles of living by faith, principles of faith life and principles of faith in Christianity.  The principles of faith include:

  1. Faith is a spiritual asset to please God
  2. Faith is focused on the word of God
  3. Faith requires action or work
  4. Faith is movable or transferable
  5. Faith-Filled Life Rises Above the Senses
  6. Faith-Filled Life Measures Everything by the Word
  7. Faith-Filled Life Understands Covenant

Faith moves mountain, faith can aid you in receiving healing and deliverance. When you lack faith, the Holy Spirit aids your faith to increase.  On the concept of faith that works, God is the one that brings things to pass. Someone can receive help from God as results of another person’s faith. You can receive help base on your faith level.

There is a place of work in fulfilling faith. Sometimes, work is not required just that God in His almightiness makes things happen though He positions you in alignment so that you will not miss His encounter. Check and download violent faith by David Oyedepo.

There are principles of faith. Faith is beyond description and you learnt the art of faith by exercising faith. The sum total of your believe in God is faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word of God. Faith comes and can go by the same principles of hearing.

There are many things to say, there is a dimension of faith that gives tremendous healing and miracles. Principles of faith by Apostle Mike are a wonderful audio sermon. Download this sermon on faith titled: Principles of faith by Apostle Mike. Click to download below:

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