prophecy: Prophet Jesse Jangfa

Prophecy for Nigeria 2021: Download Prophetic Proceeding By Prophet Jesse Jangfa

Prophet Jesse Jangfa audio prophecy 2021: download Prophetic proceeding

Prophecy is the revelation God gives to His servant concerning His will which comes upon a certain season. This season, many churches are pressing into God to know the will of God and to secure His will. RCN Global is one of the ministries into this adventure. Check the prophetic verse of Apostle Arome in 2021. Take a little moment to read through this article to know the prophecy for Nigerian leaders.

God will not do anything on Earth without revealing it to His servant. This year has been seen to be a year that God will do great things, unimaginable things on the surface of the Earth. Apostle Gideon Udoman in The turner in RCN prophetic declaration says that God will shake the heaven and the earth again. This is according to the word that God told him according to the scriptures which says that I will shake the heavens and the Earth again.

Prophet Jesse Jangfa

Now, prophet Jangfa, a spiritual son to Apostle Arome has declared the mind of the Lord for this season and the things to take place in the years to come. The Vision from the altar of God was captured by him. This prophecy included the vision he saw about the leaders of the nation Nigeria, the rising of prophets and apostle to take charge of the gospel in south Eastern Nigeria, how Africa will be a hand tool for missionary man power, how God will raise women in ministry all over the world.

Concerning the prophecy for Nigerian leaders, the prophet saw the saw man of the nation in a pit, in that pit many leaders extended hand to help him. Finally, he was helped and when he came out, he was crowned. He also declared that the issue of corona virus is a beast sent forth by the devil to cause massive destruction on earth, the beast wears crown, which was why the virus is called crown virus by some people. There were many prophecies he spoke about on war  and others, from the audio you will find out too.

prophetic proceeding

The first prophecy or prophetic insight for January contact is titled Apocalypse by Apostle Arome Osayi. The meeting was full of impaction of gifts and deliverance from demonic operations and healing from infirmities. Download the message below. Click to download this audio prophecy below…

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